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From the daft to the incompetent!

Wrapping car keys in tinfoil?

Why wrapping car keys in tinfoil may be a dumb idea! Last week I had a paranoid customer tell me that she had taken to wrapping her car keys in tin foil. She was doing this to prevent car thieves from … Continue reading

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Fraudulent Alarm Installations!

2nd hand car alarm story If there’s one thing worse then having your car or possessions stolen, it has to be getting ripped off by the person you pay to protect it for you. This morning I got a phone … Continue reading

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You don’t need another bloody immobiliser!

Unnecessary Immobilisers Most modern cars already have an immobiliser with a transponder chip fitted into the head of the factory key. These are unobtrusive and super reliable, so adding an aftermarket one on top of the factory system is both … Continue reading

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No installs this week!

Update: I’m healing up nicely but the finger is still painful. Stitches come out this Monday, but there is still the risk of it splitting open again so I need to rest the hand. I’m planning on being back in … Continue reading

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Alarm advert theft not a good look!

Back in December 2009, I shared a couple of adverts by Cobra which I felt were quite creative. Alarm Theft! It seems that I was not the only one who liked them. Sadly whoever is responsible for the Website of Hyper … Continue reading

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Viper Sirens. The Good the Bad and the Muppets!

One of the annoying things about running a security business in NZ is that most products come via Australia which means that the Aussies dictate what we have access to here. Viper is no exception to this. The two thing … Continue reading

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NZSA still making false claims two years on….

It’s funny how images and words can remind us of certain things or people. For example, when I hear the word Muppet I always think about The Executive Officer of the New Zealand Security Association who goes by the name … Continue reading

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Mongoose 5 Star alarm siren. Epic Fail!

It’s no secret that I have no respect the “5-star alarm” rating system. It sickens me to see that Mongoose and others are still plugging it. Everyone in the industry is aware that it is a misleading guide designed only to … Continue reading

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My first poor review!

I’ve had my first poor review on Google this week. A low 1 out of 5 stars by a man who claims his name is Joseph Alexander. Here it is below: Contacted this guy about having alarms installed. He wasted a … Continue reading

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NZ Performance Car stuff up again!!!

Last month I slated NZ Performance Car Magazine for writing what can only be described as a load of bollocks about vehicle security! One of my readers was good enough to post a link about my comments on the NZ … Continue reading

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