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Should you consider a none Thatcham approved European CAN-BUS alarm?

Most of the well-established car security names in New Zealand don’t actually make car alarms. This list includes Mongoose, AVS and Dynatron, all of whom have a range of CAN-BUS alarms. New Zealand CAN-BUS Alarms are all re-branded! They simply … Continue reading

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How good are the batterys in your battery backup siren?

The whole point of a battery backup siren is for it to continue to scream after the battery is disconnected. As regular readers know, sirens are more effective if they are hard to access but even if they are hidden they … Continue reading

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Mongoose 5 Star alarm siren. Epic Fail!

It’s no secret that I have no respect the “5-star alarm” rating system. It sickens me to see that Mongoose and others are still plugging it. Everyone in the industry is aware that it is a misleading guide designed only to … Continue reading

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Did you lose your Mongoose M60 remote on the 471 bus in Auckland today?

The following email showed up in my inbox this morning: Comment or Question: I was travelling to auckland city today in bus 471 from penrose. I found a key and cannot find the person who ownes the key.   This … Continue reading

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Mongoose Test Certification Available Upon Request!

As regular readers will know. The New Zealand Security Association stopped representing vehicle security standards in April 2012. Since then the likes of Mongoose and AVS have continued to use the “Star Rating System” as a sales tool, even though … Continue reading

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How effective is your Immobiliser?

Who makes the Best Immobiliser? An Immobiliser is the backbone of any good security, after all, it is the immobiliser that stops a scum bag driving off with your vehicle. To understand how they work and the different type of … Continue reading

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Feckless “Security Feature” in NZ Performance Car magazine!

The latest edition “NZ Performance Car” magazine contains a “Security Feature” which regular readers know will know I declined to splash out $1,500.00 to be part of! Lazy Journalism Now if there is one thing that gets my goat its lazy … Continue reading

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Mongoose M30

The M30 is the entry level alarm from Mongoose. It’s a none insurance rated system for those on a very tight budget. The Mongoose comes with a 4 button remote that has separate lock an unlock buttons, plus has the option … Continue reading

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Mongoose now offer 12 Months Warranty on Remote Controls!

Back in March, I wrote an email to Mongoose asking them why they only offered 6 months warranty on their replacement remote controls. The email that came back from Andrew Harley (Mongoose sales manager). It was disappointing and I pointed out … Continue reading

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Mongoose Remote Warranty?

Last week a customer asked me why Mongoose only offer a 6-month warranty on new remote controls. His existing M60 remote had failed and he wanted reassurance that a replacement remote would not crap out on him again. Most alarm manufactures offer … Continue reading

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