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How effective is your Immobiliser?

Who makes the Best Immobiliser? An Immobiliser is the backbone of any good security, after all, it is the immobiliser that stops a scum bag driving off with your vehicle. To understand how they work and the different type of … Continue reading

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NZSA Meeting… Friday 20th May!

Finally I have had confirmation that there will be a meeting for the Vehicle Security Group of the NZSA. True to his word, Greg Watts has invited me to attend and has offered a free lunch (as if there is … Continue reading

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Meridian Immobiliser

It’s a little uncanny that I pulled out yet another Meridian Immobiliser today to add to the Car Alarm Graveyard. I was intending to do a review on the security housing of the Dynatron Immobiliser but that can now wait … Continue reading

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Battery Back-Up Sirens

Battery Backup Sirens are a basic requirement for any 5 Star rated alarm. Being the part of the alarm that screams for your attention it is arguably the most important part of the alarm. I decided to put the major … Continue reading

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Immobiliser Removal

Normally all I have to do is remove the trim below the drivers side dash and hey-presto, the alarm module is placed behind waiting to be bypassed! Some are held by a cable tie and others simply fall onto the floor as shown in the photo below! Then it is simple task to open the case and bridge the immobiliser points. Car started…
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Dead Car Alarms!

If you have a Meridian alarm and would like it to be removed then I’m more than happy to RIP it out of your car free of charge for anyone purchasing a new alarm. Continue reading

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Meridian 2600S, 2600SS, 2600SB

In a recent post titled “Thieving Bastard Used Car Salesmen” I mentioned that Meridian produce one of the worst car alarms ever made. This has all come flooding back to me this week as I have removed 3 of them … Continue reading

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