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Viper 412V

The Viper 412V is the latest keyless entry system from Directed Electronics. It replaces the Viper 211HV and comes with new remote controls and erm… Well, that’s about it! It’s actually the same as the 211HV in all aspects apart … Continue reading

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Selective Unlocking

Selective Unlocking simply allows you to select which doors you unlock. It’s a common feature on many new vehicles. Most systems unlock the driver’s door with the first press of the remote unlock button. A second press will then unlock … Continue reading

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KEYLESS BLOCK from Author is designed to protect vehicles with keyless-start from Relay Amplification Attacks. Before explaining how KEYLESS BLOCK works I’ll explain how SmartKeys work and how they are vulnerable to a Relay Amplification Attack: How a SmartKey works … Continue reading

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Car Window Closure Options

It’s easy to forget to close your car windows. Having them automatically roll up when you lock your car is a great feature and I have a number of car window closure options that can make this happen. Comfort Closure The … Continue reading

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Remote Double Tap Module

One of the things I’ve always found restrictive about some factory remote locking systems is the lack of any auxiliary options. If only you could get add an auxiliary output to your existing car remote to control a new function by … Continue reading

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Remote Boot Pop/Trunk Release

Remote Boot Pop I often get asked to explain what the boot pop or trunk release feature on the alarm is for so I thought I’d clarify with a quick post. It’s quite simply having the ability to pop the … Continue reading

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Ford Transit courier alarm

Some weeks ago I was approached by Capital City Ford who were keen to know what courier alarm options were available for the new shape Ford Transit van. They were interested in the idea of the Viper Passive Keyless Entry … Continue reading

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Viper PKE 2102V Passive Keyless Entry System

The PKE 2102V is a Passive Keyless Entry System that simply locks and unlocks your car doors as the proximity fob goes in and out of range. It can be used as a stand-alone system or can be hooked up … Continue reading

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Cyclops KE11 Keyless Entry System

The KE-11 (Also known as a KE-CLR-TX-90) is a simple keyless entry system made by Dynamco which has a quality feel to it. The remote controls look like the sort of thing you would expect on a new car. Easy … Continue reading

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Good news, Viper is back! It had been about 7 years since we last had Viper available. The previous importer went out of business before I set up Obsessive Vehicle Security so I’ve not had the chance to play with … Continue reading

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