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Nissan Leaf Upgrade Alarm

The Leaf came out in 2010. It is the first fully electric vehicle from Nissan and accounts for about 50% of all electric vehicles in New Zealand. Being an e-NV200 owner I am well aware of how many are on … Continue reading

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Wrapping car keys in tinfoil?

Why wrapping car keys in tinfoil may be a dumb idea! Last week I had a paranoid customer tell me that she had taken to wrapping her car keys in tin foil. She was doing this to prevent car thieves from … Continue reading

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OBD BLOCK from Author

OBD BLOCK from Author Alarm protects your cars OBDII (On-Board Diagnostic) connector from unauthorised access. OBDII scan tools were originally intended for use by the dealership and automotive locksmiths. These allowed access to the vehicle’s software. For example, a scan … Continue reading

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Modern Car Theft Methods Explained

Keyless Theft – How is it being done? If your car comes with a smart key and push-to-start button it can be a super easy target for a professional car thief. Here I look at some of the modern methods … Continue reading

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