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Big brother is watching…

Vodafone Automotive SCD40

The Vodafone Automotive SCD40 is the GPS hardware used with the MindR Telematics Platform. It can also be used without MindR as both a Theft Recovery System and an Alarm. The SDC40 can work in full CAN-BUS configuration, or as … Continue reading

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GPS Tracking Hardware and Installation

With so many GPS tracking companies having flashy websites with lots of jargon, it is easy to overlook the basics of the hardware and installation. My advice is to ignore the testimonials and sales spin and take a good look … Continue reading

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Vipertraq VSQ500

The Vipertraq VSQ500 is Vipers’ latest GPS tracking device which has been designed and built-in Australia. It replaces the old VSM250i SmartStart which is no longer being supported here in NZ or Aus. If you have an old system the … Continue reading

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Immobilising a Moving Vehicle. Not Cool!

I often get asked if it is possible to wire a GPS Tracker up to immobilise a vehicle whilst it is running. The answer is always a very firm No. The only safe thing to immobilise is the starter motor. … Continue reading

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Viper SmartStart GPS VSM250i

Update July 2019: SmartStart is no longer supported in New Zealand and Australia. It has now been replaced with the Vipertraq VSQ500. Viper NZ has an upgrade program to help replace any old units. Details can be found here… SmartStart … Continue reading

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Cobra Drivers Card

With more and more cars having Immobilisers these days the easiest way to take a car is with the keys. The Cobra Drivers Card is designed to protect your vehicle even if the car keys and remote are stolen. It can … Continue reading

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MR2 Security Install.

Here’s a YouTube Video one of my customers has posted of an alarm install I did this week: Turn your speakers up to enjoy the Cobra Siren in scream mode! ?

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