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Cyclops (Dynatron NZ used to re-brand these alarms)

TX-11 Remote Repair

The Cyclops/Dynatron TX-11 Remote is the old remote for both the 3 Series and 7 Series of alarms. When I say old they pre-date Obsessive Vehicle Security existence (April 2008) so I’ve not ever sold one. That said I have … Continue reading

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TX-90 & TX-90T remote controls

The original TX-90T remote was easy to identify due to its LED colour which was blue. It worked well but for some reason, Australian alarm manufacture, Dynamco (Cyclops) has decided to dabble and change the LED to green. To make … Continue reading

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Cyclops KE11 Keyless Entry System

The KE-11 (Also known as a KE-CLR-TX-90) is a simple keyless entry system made by Dynamco which has a quality feel to it. The remote controls look like the sort of thing you would expect on a new car. Easy … Continue reading

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How good are the batterys in your battery backup siren?

The whole point of a battery backup siren is for it to continue to scream after the battery is disconnected. As regular readers know, sirens are more effective if they are hard to access but even if they are hidden they … Continue reading

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About Dynatron

Update 2020 As of 5th February 2020, Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation. Dynatron NZ was an Auckland based company who specialise in the supply and installation of vehicle security systems. Since 2013 Dynatron has been importing Kodinis Raktas alarms that … Continue reading

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How effective is your Immobiliser?

Who makes the Best Immobiliser? An Immobiliser is the backbone of any good security, after all, it is the immobiliser that stops a scum bag driving off with your vehicle. To understand how they work and the different type of … Continue reading

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Tool Guard TG-6000

The TG-6000 is a very effective wireless sensor that can be added to nearly any alarm, regardless of brand. The main box is fitted to the underside of your toolbox lid, or on whatever you’re securing with it. If it … Continue reading

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Dynatron Attacked!!!

Some time ago I posted about what I do to make the security housing of the Dynatron Immobiliser more effective. Last week I finally got the chance to take on my own work! Upon installing the alarm I noticed that … Continue reading

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Dynatron D2200

The Dynatron D2200 or Cyclops P205 is the second Transponder immobiliser to be reviewed here. Like the Autowatch 573PPi it is a dual circuit immobiliser but unlike the Autowatch it does not have the option of a third external cut. … Continue reading

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Dynatron Immobiliser

All Dynatron models come with the same security housing so this post is relevant to the entire range of products which include the: 3 Series, 7 Series, 4 Series and D2200. How easy is it to Defeat? Like most Immobilisers … Continue reading

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