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I cut the crap and tell it like it is!

More Mazda Car Theft

There was an interesting story on Stuff today about Mazda’s being stolen which you can read here.. I’d like to clarify one or two things, it’s not all Mazda’s getting stolen, and certainly not the current generation of Mazda’s shown … Continue reading

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Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation

I’ve just been informed that Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation. It’s not exactly breaking news as it happened on the 5th February! I’ve been a tad slack in posting about it. Here’s the link to the Companies office… The Dynatron … Continue reading

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Wrapping car keys in tinfoil?

Why wrapping car keys in tinfoil may be a dumb idea! Last week I had a paranoid customer tell me that she had taken to wrapping her car keys in tin foil. She was doing this to prevent car thieves from … Continue reading

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Keyless Car Theft & Remote Hacking

Smart Keys or proximity remotes offer the convenience of being able to lock/unlock and start your vehicle without having to touch the key. The downside to this easy to use system is that they are far more vulnerable to hacking … Continue reading

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What is van door peeling and how do you protect against it?

Van Door Peeling, or “Peel and Steal” is a big issue in the UK right now. It’s a very destructive way to break into a van without triggering the factory alarm (if there even is one). Peeling is the simple act … Continue reading

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Mazda Demio Topping Theft Lists

The Mazda Demio (also known as the Mazda 2) has been making headlines as the most stolen car in New Zealand. I’m not going to link to any of the usual over-hyped crap reporting outlets, but it’s a big enough … Continue reading

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Charlatan Cobra Alarms in Australia!

Cobra Alarms Australia? If you live across the ditch (Yep I’m referring to you Australians) then you should be aware that Cobra is not officially available over there. Be warned the following website: I have spoken to Vodafone Automotive … Continue reading

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Vodafone, the new name for Cobra!

1st of April 2015 it’s official. Vodafone is the new name for Cobra. Not a crap April fools joke! Vodafone acquired Cobra on the 14th April 2014 which was off my radar at the time. I found out later in … Continue reading

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AA Most Stolen 2011-2014

OK, It’s that time of year where all the lazy journalist jump up and down about which vehicles are the “Top 10 Stolen Car List” according to AA Insurance claim statistics. Every year all the reports seem to overlook that … Continue reading

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Dumb car thief caught under poison arches!

It’s not that often that I enjoy hearing stories about a car getting stolen, but the following tale from last week put a huge smile on my face. My customer (or should that be a future customer) was woken up … Continue reading

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