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Is Your Car Alarm E-Waste?

How many of you consider how long a car security system will last when you purchase one? Do you want a product that will give you years of trouble-free security? Or do you simply want the cheapest one you can … Continue reading

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Iveco Daily Upgrade Alarm

The Iveco Daily I recently worked on was first registered in 2019, however, looks to be to older shape model made between 2011-2014. Regardless of production dates, all models come with keyless entry with selective unlocking as well a transponder … Continue reading

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Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Alarm

The Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series was released in 1984. Since then it has had a number of updates and body options added. It is currently sold as a 2 door Ute, a 4 door Ute and a 5 door station … Continue reading

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Best Car Alarm in New Zealand?

You’re after the Best Car Alarm, so why do I not recommend the “Big Names”? Here is a recent email which is all too common: Message: Hi, have been reading through some of your posts and see that you have flawed … Continue reading

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Cobra ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)

Automatic Driver Recognition – Protect against key theft Cobra ADR Cards by Vodafone Automotive work with the Cobra AK4615 protect your vehicle from theft by key cloning. This way if a remote key gets cloned the car remains immobilised. The … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4698

The Cobra AK4698 is the replacement for the discontinued AK4198 which set the benchmark for Remote Upgrade Alarms back in 2008. I have installed hundreds of them over the years. Given this, the AK4698 has very high standards to meet. The AK4698 … Continue reading

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Cobra AB3868

As with all other Cobra alarms the AB3868 has a siren which is shrill, loud and attention grabbing when set off, exactly the way any good car alarm should be. It can also be programed for what ever volume you desire for the arm and dis-arm chirps. Continue reading

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Bonnet Switches

Car Alarm Bonnet Switch One of the most basic, yet overlooked items on any security system is the car alarm bonnet switch. It’s job is to protect the engine bay which once breached often means the battery can be disconnected or … Continue reading

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Viper 3102V

At first glance, the Viper 3102V looks very similar to the 3105V. It comes the same 4 button remote controls and the basic operations are the same, but there are some subtle differences between the two models. First off I’ll … Continue reading

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Toyota Corolla/Auris Alarm Options

24/10/2018 Update: Details about the New 2018 Corolla Hatch can be found here… The current version of the Toyota Corolla hatchback (E180) is known as a Toyota Auris outside of New Zealand and Australia. It’s been available here since 2012 and … Continue reading

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