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AVS -Advanced Vehicle Security is an alarm brand imported by Manta Electronics based in Auckland, New Zealand. These pages contain AVS news and reviews.

Alarm Troubleshooting…

Troubleshooting is always interesting… Especially when you’re looking at an issue someone else has caused! I got approached by a client to have a look at their alarm system. It did work but since Auto Electrician had installed the new … Continue reading

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AVS Versus Vodafone Automotive

How does an AVS alarm stack up against a Vodafone Automotive? If you ask most of the local Car Audio shops they’ll probably tell you that AVS is better. But I’m more interested in hard facts over uneducated opinions. Time … Continue reading

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You don’t need another bloody immobiliser!

Unnecessary Immobilisers Most modern cars already have an immobiliser with a transponder chip fitted into the head of the factory key. These are unobtrusive and super reliable, so adding an aftermarket one on top of the factory system is both … Continue reading

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Should you consider a none Thatcham approved European CAN-BUS alarm?

Most of the well-established car security names in New Zealand don’t actually make car alarms. This list includes Mongoose, AVS and Dynatron, all of whom have a range of CAN-BUS alarms. New Zealand CAN-BUS Alarms are all re-branded! They simply … Continue reading

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Alarm advert theft not a good look!

Back in December 2009, I shared a couple of adverts by Cobra which I felt were quite creative. Alarm Theft! It seems that I was not the only one who liked them. Sadly whoever is responsible for the Website of Hyper … Continue reading

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How good are the batterys in your battery backup siren?

The whole point of a battery backup siren is for it to continue to scream after the battery is disconnected. As regular readers know, sirens are more effective if they are hard to access but even if they are hidden they … Continue reading

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AVS C5 CAN-BUS alarm update….

In November last year, I reviewed the AVS C5 CAN-BUS alarm and expressed my concerns about how poor their so-called digital battery back-up siren was. I contacted AVS to ask them if the siren really was digital as claimed, or … Continue reading

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AVS C3, C4 & C5 CAN-BUS alarm

About 12 months ago AVS released their new “C series” CAN-BUS alarm. I checked the RhinoCo website and noted that AVS must have a new supplier as it was not a re-branded RhinoCo alarm like all their other alarm systems. … Continue reading

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AVS Product Testing!

It came to my attention last week that AVS has released a video demonstrating how effective the new “AVS Armour Plate” is for their alarms. Any improvements AVS can make to their immobiliser security has to be a good thing … Continue reading

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About AVS

The name AVS is an abbreviation of “Advanced Vehicle Security” which sounds good but is actually an oxymoron, as most AVS alarms appear to be re-branded RhinoCo Technology products. RhinoCo lack some of the fundamental basics of any good security … Continue reading

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