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Autowatch Car Alarm are manufactured in South Africa and meet with strict international standards. Autowatch news and reviews.

Autowatch PIN codes

If you need a replacement Autowatch remote then you’ll need to know your alarms over-ride pin number as Autowatch systems use it to prevent unauthorised remote cloning. The pin number will allow the car to start in the event of … Continue reading

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Autowatch 500RLi Motorcycle Alarm

The 500RLi is a Motorcycle alarm with dual immobiliser from Autowatch. It features a 109 dB siren (not battery back-up). The immobiliser self-arms 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off. The alarm has a built-in impact/tilt sensor to protect … Continue reading

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Autowatch remote batteries

How to change the batteries in your Autowatch peanut remote The Autowatch 225000 (AKA peanut remote) takes 2 CR1220 coin-type batteries. These last for about 3 years with normal use. The back of the case will have either N4086, 225-000, or … Continue reading

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Autowatch diagnostic codes

Autowatch Alarm Issues? How to find out why your alarm has triggered: Most Autowatch alarms lack information about how to find alarm fault codes their user manuals. This makes troubleshooting very difficult for anyone other than an installer with access … Continue reading

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About Autowatch

Autowatch alarms and immobilisers are designed and manufactured in South Africa by PFK Electronics who have been in business since 1985. In New Zealand, they are distributed by Autowatch NZ 2010 Ltd who are based in Auckland. Autowatch has a selective … Continue reading

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How effective is your Immobiliser?

Who makes the Best Immobiliser? An Immobiliser is the backbone of any good security, after all, it is the immobiliser that stops a scum bag driving off with your vehicle. To understand how they work and the different type of … Continue reading

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Autowatch 458RL

The Autowatch 458RL is a remote upgrade alarm that meets with Thatcham CAT 2 to 1 standard. It’s similar to the 446RLi Premium but is designed for vehicles that have an existing immobiliser, yet require remote locking. It comes with … Continue reading

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Autowatch 279RL

The first thing that strikes you about the 279RL is just how small it is. It really is tiny and is less than half the size of the AVS 3010 or the Mongoose M20. In fact, it’s even smaller than the … Continue reading

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Autowatch Wireless Reed Switch

With some vehicles, running cables can be a real pain and a major time-consuming event. Motorhomes and boats instantly spring to mind. I’ve certainly uttered some expletives in the past when I’ve pondered just how the hell I’m going to … Continue reading

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Autowatch Wireless P.I.R. Sensor

The Autowatch 446RLi Premium, 458RL and the 695 CAN-BUS alarm can be programmed to accept a WPIR (Wireless Passive Infra-red Sensor). These can be particularly effective for protecting Ute canopies, or any other area where cable may be vulnerable to attack … Continue reading

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