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Car alarm remote

All of the car alarm remote controls I sell can be found here: Alarm Remote Page

It lists which alarms they work with along with what batteries each remote takes. There’s even a list of remote controls I don’t sell to help you.

Your guide to getting a replacement remote

How vulnerable is your remote to cloning?

TX-11 Remote Repair

The Cyclops/Dynatron TX-11 Remote is the old remote for both the 3 Series and 7 Series of alarms. When I say old they pre-date Obsessive Vehicle Security existence (April 2008) so I’ve not ever sold one. That said I have … Continue reading

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Car Alarm Remotes NZ

Some car alarm remote controls can be a pain to get hold of. Especially when the importer offers no aftersales support. I also get frustrated when no support is offered by those who sell them! I always make sure that … Continue reading

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Viper 474V Remote

The Viper 474V remote is sold with the 211HV keyless entry system here in New Zealand. It can also be programmed to work with the Viper 3100 alarm. The remote will work with a number of other Viper alarms which … Continue reading

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Do you Recycle your Remote Batteries?

How many small batteries do you go through each year? I know I get through a large number, especially the small coin batteries that most car alarm remote controls use. What do you do with the dead ones? Do you … Continue reading

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Cobra Remote: How to test and change the batteries

Do you need to change your Cobra Remote Battery? All Cobra remote controls take one CR2032 Battery. I recommend changing your Cobra remote battery after about 3 years, but if your remote has stopped responding, or the range has dropped … Continue reading

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Alarm won’t disarm!

There is never a good time for your alarm to fail, but this mornings job was one of the most classic… The phone rings, “My alarm won’t disarm!” My distressed customer is a courier driver and her van is illegally … Continue reading

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TX-90 & TX-90T remote controls

The original TX-90T remote was easy to identify due to its LED colour which was blue. It worked well but for some reason, Australian alarm manufacture, Dynamco (Cyclops) has decided to dabble and change the LED to green. To make … Continue reading

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Ford Falcon BA/BF Compatible Remote Control

If you have a Ford Falcon BA or BF Model and need a replacement remote control then I now have them in stock. They are super easy to code and will work if your Falcon was manufactured between 2002-2010. BA … Continue reading

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Autowatch PIN codes

If you need a replacement Autowatch remote then you’ll need to know your alarms over-ride pin number as Autowatch systems use it to prevent unauthorised remote cloning. The pin number will allow the car to start in the event of … Continue reading

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Remote Boot Pop/Trunk Release

Remote Boot Pop I often get asked to explain what the boot pop or trunk release feature on the alarm is for so I thought I’d clarify with a quick post. It’s quite simply having the ability to pop the … Continue reading

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