Car Window Closure Options

It’s easy to forget to close your car windows. Having them automatically roll up when you lock your car is a great feature and I have a number of car window closure options that can make this happen.

Comfort Closure

The first is the Comfort Closure Module from Author.

It is a super small CAN-BUS system with just 4 wires. A list of the compatible vehicles can be found here…

Viper 535T Window Closure

The Viper 535T is a universal system that can be fitted to most cars. Here is an install which I wired up to work with a basic Autowatch alarm that only has a one-button remote.

Built-in Window Closure

Some European car, especially the German ones, will roll the windows up and down with the key held in the door lock. For these vehicles, I can often include window closure at no extra cost when the right alarm is fitted.

One of the great things with the Cobra AK4698 and AK4138 is how versatile they are. Both alarms can be programmed for instant window closure (as shown in the video below) or controlled closure.

With controlled closure you keep the lock button on the remote pressed to wind the windows up. If you only want to half close them then you simply let go of the lock button before they are fully closed.

Mirror Folding

Does your car has electric folding mirrors? I can make them fold in when the car is locked with the remote. If your alarm has an Auxiliary output then this can also be used to command the windows and the mirrors.

Adding an Auxiliary Output to your Factory Remote

I can add a Double Tap Module to add an Auxiliary output to your factory remote:

Remote Double Tap Module

If interested in these features then simply ask and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

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