Whilst this is not exactly new information it still may be of help to some. The Car Stereo Company (AKA CSC) got put into receivership in December 2008.

Leaders in Car Audio & Security Technology – Yeah Right!

Leading the Recession!

Leading the Recession!

There were two branches, one based at Kent Terrace, Wellington and the other located on Hutt Road, Lower Hutt.

Personally it feel it was a shame that such a well know and long established business failed so badly. What it does go to show is that throwing a huge budget at re-branding and advertising heavily is no guarantee of success. They even started selling roof bars towards the end and I can’t help but feel that losing track of the core business was part of the demise of what was once the strongest car audio and alarm business in Wellington.

Car Security Company

I take no shame in plugging this space to poach any old Car Security customers they once had. I’m more than familiar with the systems which they used to sell, mainly Cobra and Dynatron so feel welcome to contact me if you are an ex customer and have an alarm issue.

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