Car Alarm/Immobiliser Removal

Car Alarm and Immobiliser removal is one of my specialties. Whilst I would rather install quality systems, there are a huge number of crap unreliable car alarms out there, many of which I have reviewed and suggest should be avoided at all costs. If you have one of these then it is only a matter of time before it will fail and you’ll need it removed or replaced.

How many bad car alarm installers are out there?

From what I’ve seen there are not many competent installers around. It seems to be an “out of sight out of mind” mentality with most, working on the assumption that you’ll never see their shoddy wiring attempt hidden behind the dash. More often then not the cars wiring loom gets butchered!

Part of my job is often patching up the mess at a later date. Below is a typical messy install which needs putting right:

before the immobiliser removal

The mess left by the car stereo installer!

Repair Car Wiring

The same car after the immobiliser removal and fixing up the wiring!

Awful Vehicle Security

The most common brands I remove are AVS, Mongoose, and Meridian. They are a magnet for incompetent installers so be warned! If you want to know who to avoid I’d suggest the AVS and Mongoose list of “approved installers” would be a good place to start!

Car Alarm/Immobiliser Removal

AVS = Awful Vehicle Security

9 times out of 10 I find the alarm module is poorly placed behind the driver’s side dash held in place with little more than a Zip Tie. These are often a hazard as they could potentially fall down on the pedals or get suck in the steering column!

Remove Mongoose Car Alarm

Another Mongoose alarm that has failed and needs removing

How Much does it cost to remove an alarm/Immobiliser?

Typically between $120.00 to $160.00 including my call out fee. It really depends on where you are and how long it takes to clean the mess up!

If I’m replacing it with a new system then it is normally free of charge.

Contact me here if you need my services…

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4 Responses to Car Alarm/Immobiliser Removal

  1. James kaiwai says:

    How much to remove mongoose immobilizer

  2. Julian says:

    That info is in the post you just commented on! Please use the contact form for bookings:

  3. Turi down says:

    Hey there,

    Need a mongoose imbolizer removed from VW transporter.

    ASAP if possible


    Thank you

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Turi,

    Whoever installed the Mongoose should be shot! The 2009 Transporter already has a factory immobiliser so they’ve simply fitted an unreliable time bomb that is going to fail.

    I’ve responded to your email too and edited your phone number.

    Good luck

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