Bicycle Rack Alarm!

Bicycle rack alarm

0THEFT plate really is designed for zero theft!

Obsessive Twitter Page

Obsessive Twitter Page

I was recently asked if I’d used a N/C loop to protect my bike after posting the above photo on my Twitter feed,

To explain the jargon a N/C loop is a (normally closed) wire that wraps around whatever it is you are trying to protect. If it gets cut then the alarm would trigger.

That’s quite a primitive and clumsy way to do things these days. I thought I’d share how I protect the bike when it is left on the back of the car.

I simply use a Tool Guard TG-6000 wireless angle sensor. It is attached to the back of the supplementary number plate inside the case.

Wireless Bicycle Rack Alarm

It looks like a normal number plate but as soon as you move it triggers the alarm. Let’s face it, technically I don’t need a supplementary plate as I’m not obstructing the plate on the car but it is still there for a reason.

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