Best Car Alarm in New Zealand?

You’re after the Best Car Alarm, so why do I not recommend the “Big Names”?

Here is a recent email which is all too common:

Message: Hi, have been reading through some of your posts and see that you have flawed a lot of the big name brands.

Thanks ******

I thought I’d explain the misconception as most of the “Big Brands” I do actually rate. It’s important to understand what a big brand is and look at the bigger picture. I tend to recommend big global brands as opposed to small New Zealand brands.

New Zealand is effectively a very small goldfish bowl in a big world

Best Car Alarm in New Zealand?

Big Fish, Small Bowl Syndrome!

I know, everyone in New Zealand seems to sell AVS and Mongoose, because if you ask your local car audio shop who makes the best car alarm then you’ll probably hear one of those names. The thing is, you won’t find them for sale outside NZ and Australia?

Put in simple terms, they don’t meet international standards. It’s just that they’ve simply done a good marketing job here in little old NZ. Besides which, most car audio shops are not alarm experts.

There is a very thin line between marketing and bullshit. Because we don’t look at the facts and see that AVS are just re-branded Rhino-Co alarms and Mongoose systems are mainly made in Taiwan or China.

The Best Systems Meet International Standards

The main brands I tend to recommend are Cobra (Vodafone Automotive), Autowatch and Viper. Because these brands meet international standards you’ll find in many other countries.

Which is The Best Car Alarm?

As for which alarm is the best? Well, that really depends on what vehicle you have and what your budget is. Becuase we all have different requirements its best to find out which car you have and treat it on a case by case basis. This is why I like the details to be filled in on the contact page.

Arguably the most important factor is the installation. It’s almost impossible to install a crap alarm to a high standard. This is explained in the review section of the website where you can find my opinions on most alarms and how effective they are.

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7 Responses to Best Car Alarm in New Zealand?

  1. Rick Hudson says:

    I don’t understand why people are so defensive about the so-called “big names”. As is correctly pointed out, most of them are pretty poor and the experience with them shows it – especially the false alarms, incessant chirping (poor usability design) and outright failure. I had a “big name” brand in a car when I bought it. It was pretty well installed (even according to Julian when he removed it) but it was so difficult to live with and was, quite frankly, unreliable. I had one of the same brand in a previous car – it failed. I now have one of the ones in Julian’s recommended list and it has indeed been awesome from the point of view of reliability and usability. Anyone who disagrees with the claims made on this page should perhaps try an objective comparison.

  2. Donald Dong says:

    Well, I hate car alarms and factory does not recommend, but when my wife freaks out when she finds out. I read that keyless entry cars signal can be intercepted and amplify by another device and can get stolen. Really true or not, I don’t know, but I bought a 2019 BMW X3 M40i, and this is Auckland, I can’t even find any details whether the installer is authorised and certified,The last car I have aftermarket is E30 M3 in 1989 with Clifford Intelliguard. Now, I wonder what I should do, car cams won’t do, but I will like to install that too, but this is modern Bimmer, with iDrive, SatNav, so what do you recommend and where should I go to for a professional installation. I am leaning towards Clifford, and Viper. Any ideas…

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Donald,

    First off I’m in Wellington so you’ll need to drive down here to use my services.
    If you don’t like alarms, yet want to protect against keyless theft then I suggest looking at the IGLA Can-bus immobilisier

    Please use the contact form or give me a call for more details as you are chatting in public here.


  4. Miles says:

    Hi, I have a 2004 NissanPatrol GGU 4.2 diesel. I realise I can’t use you, as I am in Kerikeri, but can yousuggest a good car immobiliser/alarm for me, then I can try and find an installerin the area? Mongoose seem to have the monopoly in the talk circles.

  5. David Olson says:

    Hi Julian what would you recommend for my HQ Holden it’s going to have fuel injection in it no power windows no central locking

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