BATRAM Remote Engine Start

THE BATRAM - Invisible at Night!

THE BATRAM - Invisible at Night!

The BATRAM soon had an alarm installed. Carl had chosen to go with an Autowatch 446RLi Premium. It did everything which it needed to, had a neat looking remote with separate Lock and Unlock buttons as well as a Trunk release (which I had also installed).

“Could I have remote Engine start added to the alarm?”

Mmm my initial thought was to say “NO”, firstly the alarm didn’t have remote engine start as a feature and secondly the BATRAM has a manual gear box. Can you imagine how much mess a Dodge Ram could make if it started up in gear!

I told Carl that I’d go away and see if I could find a solution. As it happens none of the major alarm importers offer remote engine start in New Zealand, Autowatch did have one old model kicking around but when they dug it out from the back of the stock room it was incomplete. I informed Carl but he had made up his mind that he wanted one so we would simply have to look harder to find a solution.
We ended up importing a Viper 5901 which had the capability of working with a Manual vehicle.

Procedure for activating remote start:

Viper 5901

Viper 5901

Engine running

Apply foot brake
Apply park brake
Release foot brake

Press Remote start button
(Hazards flash 5 times)

Remote Key from ignition (engine keeps running)
Exit vehicle and press Lock button on Remote

Engine stops, alarm is now on and vehicle is ready to be remote started as it is out of gear.

Clever electronics indeed.

The viper 5901 also monitors the vehicles RPM and will kill the engine if it detects a change in speed whilst under its control. Once you put the key in the ignition you are back in command.

Well I think Viper have had a big enough plug now (especially seeing that I don’t stock them!).

The install needless to say was quite involved and Carl had plenty of optional extras which he wanted adding. I’ll save most of them for another post.

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4 Responses to BATRAM Remote Engine Start

  1. Andrew says:

    Subaru manual gearboxes are fitted with a switch that activates whenever the gearbox is in neutral. Surely this would make it easy to safely install remote start in a manual Subaru at least.

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Andrew, That’s useful to know, if that is indeed the case then it would make things much easier with a Subaru.

  3. Adam says:

    Hi bud is it possible to install a engine start in my vy2 holden ?

  4. Julian says:

    Yes it is possible. Probably best for you to fill in the contact form if you want more details and a quote.

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