BATRAM – Darkness and Lights

So Black that the details are easy to miss

So Black that the details are easy to miss

What has impressed me most about THE BATRAM is the attention to detail that has been put into the truck. Carl has stopped at nothing to create what I’d say is the Ultimate show car. May of the ideas could have looked cheap or out of place but the way they have been done simply works and looks the part.

BATRAM Start Button

BATRAM Start Button

One very cool touch is the Start button on the dash which has been replaced with a custom made Switch with the Batman logo in the centre, it glows when the ignition is on. There are plenty of other subtle touches all over the BATRAM. Have a look at THE BATRAM official website for more pictures.


My next challenge from Carl was to make the Headlamps turn on five seconds after the engine had roared to life after after Remote starting. Carl had seen a clip of a car doing this on the Internet and decided that it must be possible. Again this was new territory for me so I went away and had a think about how it could be done. I made a couple of phone calls to throw the idea around and eventually ended up making my own timer circuit. This took a fair amount of time to get my head around and I decided that it would be best to make it work so that I could adjust the time before the Lights came on. This proved to be a winner and we must have spent a good hour or so playing with the remote start.

Inside the BATRAM

Inside the BATRAM


1: Engine Roars to life:

2: Voice module says: “BATRAM ACTIVATED

3: Headlamps turn on from behind the smoked covers.

NOTE: Voice Module can be disabled via roof mount switch if required


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