AVS Product Testing!

It came to my attention last week that AVS has released a video demonstrating how effective the new “AVS Armour Plate” is for their alarms.

Any improvements AVS can make to their immobiliser security has to be a good thing as the old case was simply pathetic with an attack time of fewer than 10 seconds!

Anyway here is their video:

Whilst I welcome the efforts AVS have made to improve their products I still have to question their testing methods. (Is this part of the AVS 5 star alarm rating system? Have they really stooped so low as to test their own products and issue their own certification?)

Hammer Time

Whoever does the in-house testing at AVS is clearly an Imbecile, after all, why would you choose a hammer to attack the “Armoured” plate when it can simply be opened up by using a Torx security bit which is very common these days and cheap to purchase!

I also winced as I watch how half-hearted the effort to break the case was. The hammer attack made Timmy Mallet look butch! I really got the impression that the idea of the video was to con the viewer into the idea that the case really could stand up to a beating!

So what actually happens when you really do take a good swing with a hammer?

Just one hit!

OK, I didn’t waste $35 dollars on some tin that can be opened with a Torx bit but you get the idea!

AVS now with Torx Screws

As stated earlier I would not use a hammer anyway so I’ll be nice and point out that the Mongoose M80 uses two security Torx screws and that took all of 17 seconds to open. So as the new AVS case has 4 security Torx screws I’ll double the time to 34 seconds. As the case used to take 10 seconds to open that’s added 24 seconds on to the attack time.

To quote AVS “We reckon it does make a difference”

I agree it does make a difference. But not as much as AVS would like you to think!

Here’s a list of attack times for immobilisers from last year to give you a good idea what actually works.

Finally here is what was left of the AVS immobiliser after a proper beating:

AVS Armour Plate

It was all over before the Benny Hill credits started to roll…


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