AVS C3, C4 & C5 CAN-BUS alarm

About 12 months ago AVS released their new “C series” CAN-BUS alarm. I checked the RhinoCo website and noted that AVS must have a new supplier as it was not a re-branded RhinoCo alarm like all their other alarm systems.


The C series comes in 3 models. The C3 is the entry level CAN-BUS alarm with a standard siren, the C4 features ultrasonic sensors and a digital battery back-up siren and the C5 includes a tilt sensor.

Time to find out how good it is!

Digital Battery Back-up Siren

AVS "Digital" battery back-up siren

AVS “Digital” battery back-up siren

The most noteworthy feature of the C4 and C5 was that it boasted having a digital battery back-up siren.

Could it be that AVS was finally waking up to the concept of Siren Mupperty? I hoped so as sirens with over-ride keys really should be a thing from the last century!

This quote from the AVS website:

“This self-powered siren communicates independently with the alarm so the siren knows if the alarm is armed or disarmed. This means there is no need for an over-ride key so the siren can be well hidden at installation. The siren will sound for 30 seconds if any of the above intrusions are detected.”

Real-world Test:

The best way to test a system is in the real world. This is the first AVS C5 I’ve come across. It had been installed somewhere in the Hutt Valley by an approved AVS dealer, but my customer was not impressed with it. The siren is very quiet with the bonnet closed and after having experienced how good Cobra alarms is he wanted it replaced.

This gave me the chance to test it on the fly and see how effective the siren actually was. Here’s the video:

The result was very disappointing. AVS claim that the siren can be hidden but the installer clearly did not make any effort to do so!

Upon removing the siren I found the following sticker on the bracket.

AVS CAN_BUS alarm digital siren

Red + power

Black – Power

White + Trigger

Positive trigger? Really, you have to be shitting me? Surely this was not right as AVS claim that the siren is digital!

I wired the siren up on the test bench to see if the label was correct. Low and behold it sounds when 12 volts is applied to the red and white wires and the black wire is grounded!

I then did my homework and found that the AVS C series looks suspiciously like the Tytan DS410 which is made in Poland.

Tytan Siren: Look familiar?

AVS Re-brand not 100% Kiwi

Tytan alarm Siren

Now I don’t know about you but personally, I find the claims AVS are making about this siren to be misleading! It’s possible that the one I tested was a faulty one and I welcome AVS to send me a video of a working siren in action, or better still send me an actual unit to test. I’ll happily post it here if they do.

Do AVS test their products?

I had a pop at AVS earlier this year for half-arsed product testing. It seems that it’s becoming a worrying trend where sales spin is deemed to be more important than how effective the actual alarm is.

Part two to follow…



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