Autowatch Wireless Reed Switch

With some vehicles, running cables can be a real pain and a major time-consuming event. Motorhomes and boats instantly spring to mind. I’ve certainly uttered some expletives in the past when I’ve pondered just how the hell I’m going to run a cable.

Fortunately, Autowatch now has the Wireless Reed Switch as an option which makes the installation process much easier.

Wireless Reed Switch

Like the wireless P.I.R. Sensor, the Autowatch Wireless Reed Switch will work with the 446RLi Premium, the 458RL, and the 695 CAN-BUS alarm.

The great thing with the Wireless reed switch is that you can be quite creative with how you use it. For example, you could fit one to your garage door. That way it could trigger your car alarm as soon as the garage was broken into (Assuming that the car is inside and in range of the sensor).

Autowatch Wireless alarm

Autowatch Wireless Reed Switch

Other applications can be protecting Ute canopies, sliding windows on vans, or most doors where a conventional pin switch is not an option.

The other advantage of a wireless sensor is that there are no cables that may be vulnerable to attack.

Up to 6 sensors can be programmed to compatible Autowatch alarms. This can be any combination of Wireless Reed and P.I.R. Sensors.

RRP: $180.00

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