Autowatch Wireless P.I.R. Sensor

The Autowatch 446RLi Premium, 458RL and the 695 CAN-BUS alarm can be programmed to accept a WPIR (Wireless Passive Infra-red Sensor).

These can be particularly effective for protecting Ute canopies, or any other area where cable may be vulnerable to attack or hard to run. Both alarms can learn up to 6 sensors which are active when in the proximity of the alarm.

The other good thing with wireless sensors is that they can be programmed to the alarm at any time with no need to access the alarm wiring.

Autowatch PIR sensor


Imaginative Security

Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box. There is no reason why a wireless sensor can’t be used to protect a garage in which a car is stored. Not only can the alarm alert you to a break-in and help protect its contents but the alarm may well have warned a scum bag off before they even lay a finger on your car!

RRP: $180.00

Batteries: CR2032 (X2)

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