Autowatch remote batteries

How to change the batteries in your Autowatch peanut remote

The Autowatch 225000 (AKA peanut remote) takes 2 CR1220 coin-type batteries. These last for about 3 years with normal use.

The back of the case will have either N4086, 225-000, or 446-300 etched into it. Replacement cases are available through me.

To change the batteries you’ll need a small Philips screwdriver.

Autowatch remote service

Remove the two screws that hold the case together, then turn the remote so the button faces upwards before opening.

Make a note of which way the batteries are installed and replace them (if you muddle this bit up then use the following photo as a reference):

Autowatch Peanut remote batteries

Replace the screws and test the remote. If the LED lights up you have the batteries in the correct way. Test on the alarm.

Autowatch remote test

Please recycle your old remote batteries

Need a new Autowatch Remote?

Most Autowatch alarms can learn up to 8 remote controls. If you require a new remote control then you’ll need your alarm 5-digit security number to be able to access programming.

1 Button Peanut Remote: Battery # CR1220 (X2)

1 Button Peanut Remote Controls (2 shown)

Replacement Remote: $125.00

Works with the following Autowatch systems:

Replacement Case: $35.00 

The case includes a key-ring and button pad. (not the tact switch which is part of the circuit board)

The case does not include the switch on the circuit board!

To order a remote or case please fill your details in on the Contact Form and I’ll respond with an email and invoice. 

Note: I do not offer international sales. New Zealand only.


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8 Responses to Autowatch remote batteries

  1. Avatar Louis Rudolph says:

    Hi we need a case only for single button peanut remote auto watch type.
    The button does not work anymore but remote does work when cross terminals with tin foil. I’m sure will work properly with new case. Has number N4085 on back.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Louis,

    No problem, I can supply you with a new case but from what you have said it sounds like the switch is at fault given that you have to bridge it with tin foil.

    Please use the contact form rather then publishing your details:

  3. Avatar Kyle says:

    Does the case come with the actual button? I bought a car with an alarm that uses this remote and the button is missing and the terminals need to be bridged with a piece of metal..


  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Kyle,

    No the case is just a case which includes the button and screws, but does not come with the internal tack switch on the circuit board.

  5. Avatar Fabian says:

    Hi, i need a case only, remote auto watch type. Has number N4085 on back.

  6. Julian Julian says:

    I have them in stock, but please use the contact page to order rather then making all your details public.


  7. Avatar huw jenkins says:

    hi Julian i wish to buy a case for the single button peanut auto watch remote fob do you have these in stock please ?

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Yes but use the contact form to order! I’ve now closed the comments on this post as no one seems to be taking the hint!

    Note: I do not offer international sales (NZ only)

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