Autowatch 674Ri

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The Autowatch 674Ri is a remote Immobiliser that comes with two remote controls.

Unlike many other systems sold in New Zealand it’s not a crude alarm system with the siren removed which can be a pain to live with and can also compromise the security they offer.

With most other systems the alarm can be triggered. Of course there is no siren to sound but the hazard lights will still flash. This will cause the inbuilt relays to click and help give away the immobilisers location. On top of this it does seem to have that pointless annoyance factor!

The 674Ri has the same security housing as most other Autowatch systems and is certainly the hardest stand alone remote immobiliser system to crack. The remote controls require a pin code to program so are not vulnerable to cloning. It has two inbuilt immobiliser relays along with the option of a 3rd external immobilisation cut.

Autowatch 674Ri

Autowatch 674Ri

RRP NZ$370.00

Insurance Approved:


Obsessive Rating: Best stand alone remote immobiliser in NZ

Simple to use effective security!



  • 2 Point Engine Immobiliser
  • Optional 3rd external immobilisation cut
  • Compact Attack Proof Security Housing
  • 2 One Button Remotes
  • Hazard flash lock/unlock confirmation
  • Red Dash Mount LED

Additional Information:

PDF icon674Ri User Manual

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21 Responses to Autowatch 674Ri

  1. Avatar Phillip says:

    I lost my user manual, so I would like to know how to disarm an immobiliser using the ignition.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    You’ll need your override pin number to disarm the immobiliser.

    It is a five digit number and is entered by turning the ignition on/off.

    1: turn ign on – LED will be on constantly
    2: turn ign off – LED will start to flash
    Allow it to flash the the same number as the first digit of your pin code over ride then turn ignition on. (1-10 – a zero is 10 flashes)

    Repeat above for other numbers. If all numbers are entered correctly the the immobiliser will disarm.

    You can also download the PDF manual at the bottom of the review.

  3. Avatar Scott says:

    How can I program a remote single button controller to my 674Ri immobilizer please? I have my code for the immobilizer. Just need the steps make them both work together.
    Regards Scott

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Scott,

    When I sell a remote I provide the information needed to code it to the alarm, or better still actually program the remote myself. I suggest that you contact the person you purchased the remote from for assistance.

  5. Avatar quade says:

    Hi Scott here is the manual for the remote


  6. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Scott,

    The manual is simply the user manual for the 674Ri. If you read it you’ll see that it explains how pressing the button on the remote will arm or disarm the immobiliser. There is only one button so it’s easy to understand.

  7. Avatar Jayden West says:


    the last owner of my vehicle poorly installed the system and the central locking isnt working so i need a copy of the wiring diagram.

    can anyone send me a copy please

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jayden,

    Wiring diagrams are only available to Autowatch dealerships and are not for public distribution. My advice would be to take your car to your nearest Autowatch dealer.

  9. Avatar Don says:

    Hi, I have a 674 Ri and the units wireless signal has stopped working. I have just had the unit unplugged and hot wired to bypass it. all wiring still in place.
    can I buy just the unit and replug it in

  10. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Don,

    I only sell systems with installation and don’t offer over seas sales.

  11. Avatar Mitchael Robertson says:

    Hi I have bought a Subaru with the 674i immobiliser in it the problem I have now is he being the last owner has lost the keytag information and the remote is broken by this I mean it has lost the 1 button needed so now what can I do is there anywhere else the information to disable immobiliser can be found or do I have to get someone to come to my house and do this also I live in Ashburton in the south island and you have no agents down here can you help the car is no good if I cant drive it.

  12. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Mitchael,

    Please use the website contact form for enquires. This way you won’t have to make all your details public.

  13. Avatar Peter says:

    Hi All,

    Looking to replace the remote batteries

    Do you guys know which battery is needed for the peanut style remotes


  14. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Peter,

    This post shows how to change the batteries:


  15. Avatar Darren says:

    Just recently purchased a car with a auto watch immobilizer system thing in it but now when i use the remote it still disarms the alarm and unlocks the doors but i cant turn the car on the last owner did not give me a keytag thing so i have no idea what the pin is and now my car is stuck in a public car park due to I cant turn it on is there any other way to disarm the mobilizer as I said the remote disarms the alarm and all and even the LED flash stops when you push the button but the car still dose not turn over


  16. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Darren,

    If your Autowatch has alarm functions then it is not the 674Ri which is a stand alone immobiliser.

    As the remote works (I assume it must be functioning as it unlocks the doors) you have no need for the PIN number. The Over-ride pin number is only to be used if the remote fails. That said I recommend that you find out what it is as you may need it in the future.

    I’d start off by checking if the vehicle battery is good or not. Turning your headlamps on and seeing how bright they are is a good test if you don’t have a multi-meter.
    If the battery is OK then you may have a faulty starter motor or an electrical issue so check all these out before jumping to the conclusion that the immobiliser is at fault.


    P.S. Please use some punctuation if you contact me again, that was horrible reading!

  17. Avatar thulisile says:

    Hi! My car keys came with these two alarms,one of the keys came with a red tag with codes and a dark thing that looks like a button so I leave that key with tags at home.last week the mobiliser was not working on the key that I ussually use.i had to use the key with a tag where codes are written.i went to a car wash I had to give the key to the attendent at car wash for a wash,they look dogdy,they insisted I give keys to them .my concern is that should I get new codes? Am at risk of having my car stolen?

  18. Julian Julian says:

    Well you already know that handing over your alarms PIN code to someone else is not a good idea!
    This post explains what I recommend to do with your PIN number rather then carry it around…
    You can not change the code on the Autowatch so you’ll either need to replace the system or take a chance that the dodgy looking car wash attendant is not a threat. You can’t always judge a book by the cover!

  19. Avatar Fabrice says:

    Thanks for the information on how to desable the immobilizer.

    You save me!

    Fabrice from Belgium

  20. Avatar Jason Crowe says:

    I need to know how to remove the 674 RI. The two clickers have broken and my car will not start. Pleas help!

  21. Julian Julian says:

    Check that your car battery is not flat. You can say thank you by sending me a beer 🙂

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