Autowatch 573PPi

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The Autowatch 573PPi is the first of the Transponder Immobilisers to be reviewed here. The first thing worth mentioning is that the only transponder Immobiliser available in New Zealand that actually has an attack-proof security housing. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this is important!

Whilst the 573PPi is larger then most of the other current range of Autowatch Immobilisers it is still reasonably small. The only way to program new transponder tags is with the over-ride pin number. Have a read of the “Can Your Remote be Copied” post which despite being about remotes is still applicable to transponder immobilisers.

How it works

When the ignition is turned on the 573PPi energises a coil which is installed behind the ignition barrel shroud. Once a programmed transponder tag comes into range the immobiliser disarms.

Immobiliser coil installed behind the steering column trim

Attack proof Security Housing

Autowatch Transponder Immobiliser

Autowatch 573PPi Immobiliser

The 573PPi comes with two transponder tags (see photo below) that attach to your key ring. They are 45mm long. If you want additional tags then the 573PPi can learn up to 8 of them.

The Immobiliser arms 30 seconds after this ignition is turned off (or last disarmed if the ignition is not turned on) at which point a red LED starts to flash to indicate the system is armed. The 575PPi comes with two immobilisation points and has an output for a 3rd external cut if required.

573PPi (Passive Proximity Immobiliser)

RRP NZ: $380.00

Insurance Approved:

AS/NZS 4601:2000 certified

Obsessive Rating: Top Notch

Good enough to go in the Obsessive Go-Kart, so it’s fair to say it’s better than the other options!



Additional Information:

PDF icon573PPi User Manual

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21 Responses to Autowatch 573PPi

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  5. Avatar Kerry says:

    Hi there. Great site, heaps of useful information.

    Quick question – I have a bit of a unique install – an old Land Rover Stage 1, with no ignition barrel – just a kill and push button start.

    I want to fit an immobiliser as an additional level of protection (apart from the hidden kill switch) – but want one that will pick up the transponder from in my pocket.

    Which one will work for that?


  6. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Most transponders are very similar. I simply prefer the 573PPi as it has a better security housing.

    A transponder will only have a range of about 20cm max. 15 cm is probably realistic.

    There is no reason why the transponder coil could not be fitted in the seat which may work for you?
    The transponder coil looks for the tag for 30 seconds upon opening the drivers door (assuming there is a switch), it will also search for the tag when the ignition goes live.

    Hope this helps.


  7. Avatar Gabriel says:

    Do you know where I can buy this? I can’t seem to find anywhere online where I can purchase it. If it makes any difference I live in the US. Thank you

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Gabriel,

    I would have no idea where to purchase one in the US. Maybe it would be worth asking PFK electronics (The manufacturer) to point you in the right direction. Generally these are only for sale with installation and are not a D.I.Y. system.

  9. Avatar Mark says:

    Hello i am wondering if you can help me. I’ve just brought a Ford Courier in Perth, Western Australia and it has this immobiliser on it. It has been having a few troubles and won’t let the truck start. It has been a project truck and has been sitting for a year or two. I’ve tried entering the Over Ride number but the little red light will not stop flashing, When the key is in, on, Trying to start the vechile or out. It’s always flashing the same and i don’t know how to fix it. If you could let me know step by step on how to fix it that would be great! Thanks.

  10. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Mark,

    Does the LED come on solid when you turn the ignition on? I assume It must do if you are able to enter the pin number. Assuming that the wiring has not been tampered with there is no obvious reason why it would not work. The transponder tags (assuming that you still have them) don’t have any batteries to go flat and the system requires no servicing.

    I’d need to see the Ute to find out what is wrong, but I doubt you’ll want to pay for my return flight from NZ!

  11. Avatar Mark says:

    Haha well i am from New Zealand myself. Anyway no the light does not come on Solid. It did yesterday but today when we put a new battery in it shortly after it started to play up.

  12. Julian Julian says:

    In that case I would check the cars fuse box and see if you have a blown one. The Immobiliser is not seeing the Ignition turn on as the LED would come on solid if it did.

    How the transponder works:

    When a door is opened the immobiliser coil (usually fitted around the ignition barrel) becomes active for 30 seconds. When active it will disarm the immobiliser if it sees a valid transponder tag. The coil will go to sleep after 30 seconds to prevent draining the cars battery. It will wake up again if the doors (or door depending on how it was installed) are shut and opened once more (Note: if it is wired to the internal light then wait for dome fade to turn off before opening again).

    The coil will also become active when the ignition turns on.

    As soon as the Tag is seen the LED will stop flashing and will allow the car to start. Once the ignition is turned off the immobiliser will re-arm.

    If the ignition is on and the transponder tag is not in proximity then the LED will come on solid (the assumption is the tag as been lost) and you can then enter your 5 digit pin number. Details on how to enter the over-ride pin number are in the user manual at the bottom of the review.

  13. Avatar Ian Healey says:

    My chevy truck has an auto watch – 573 ppi the truck has intermittent starting I am not the original owner . I dont want to pull out the immobilizer. but no pin code
    and only one pendant on my keys to make matters worse 2006 Silverado is well documented with no start issues with the GM security system and faulty ignition barrels diagnosing the fault is proving a challenge.

  14. Avatar Ian Healey says:

    Oh sorry flashing when key is off, solid if I turn the key on. but no dash lights or crank
    then one in fifty starts the odometer lights up and crank is enabled

  15. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Ian,

    Your Silverado should already have a the GM Passlock 2 factory transponder immobiliser. My recommendation is to remove the Autowatch as having two transponder systems on the same vehicle could cause issues. Whilst the 573PPi is normally reliable it is designed for vehicles that do not have an existing immobiliser. Sounds like the previous owner was sold something they did not need.

  16. Avatar Elliot says:

    Hi Julian, I have just came across this blog after becoming a little paranoid after witnessing on the security camera a fella stop next to my car check my wof, have a look in the back and then have a good look through the driver’s window for a while. Great work on the blog by the way.

    Usually im not too fussed about my car because my car does have an alarm but its a Uniden 5 star alarm which my feeling, is that it is only slightly better than nothing. But owning an old Wrx STI I do know that its more likely to be nicked than most other cars in NZ.

    So i`m looking into a new alarm and i really like the idea of the transponder because the Uniden immobilizer is a pain in the ass. Is an alarm worthwhile in conjunction with the immobilizer? My wife won’t let me spend too much in the short term, but she does understand keeping my car safe and id rather spend the money on a great imobiliser than an average overall package. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  17. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Elliot,

    I’m a huge fan of transponder immobiliser as they do not have the annoyance of having to consciously disarm them. Having said that it does cost more to have a separate alarm and immobiliser.

    I’d suggest sending me a PM to discuss the options rather then going into detail on a public forum.

  18. Avatar CVPIowner says:

    Is it possible for the fob to become damaged in an impact? My immobilizer light comes on solid when I turn the ignition. It all started happening after I…ahem…got angry and threw my keys pretty hard. My 2011 Crown Vic was previously owned by a local Police Department who installed the 573PPi. It came with no manual or 5 digit code.

  19. Julian Julian says:

    You need to have been super rough with it but it is possible.
    Anger = TMI

  20. Avatar Alan Prior says:

    Hello Atowatch recently aquired one of your alarms i was wandering if you could send me a couple of windscreen stickers many thanks alan prior tel 01793 771760 10 Pavenhill blacklands purton swindon Wiltshire SN5 4BY

  21. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Alan,

    I sell Autowatch products but I am not Autowatch nor have I sold you an alarm as I do not offer international sales. It’s also worth pointing out that the 573PPi is an immobiliser and not an alarm.

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