Autowatch 458RL

The Autowatch 458RL is a remote upgrade alarm that meets with Thatcham CAT 2 to 1 standard. It’s similar to the 446RLi Premium but is designed for vehicles that have an existing immobiliser, yet require remote locking.

It comes with a 4 button remote that is well designed. Has lock, unlock and boot pop buttons as well as one that will turn the hazard lights on solid for two minutes *, which can be useful for night vision around the car.

It also allows for silent arming with the remote plus gives you the option to isolate the ultrasonic sensors, or additional wireless sensors (see below).

Fixed Eye Ultrasonic Sensor

Fixed Eye Ultrasonics

Fixed Eye Ultrasonics

A fixed eye ultrasonic sensor comes as standard. Whilst not as factory looking as the Cobra Ultrasonics the sensor is still neat and has a red LED build into the centre of the housing.

Autowatch 458RL remote alarm

Autowatch 458RL NZ

The Battery backup siren is the same as the one found on the 446RLi Premium and 695CAN.

It’s a true digital siren which means it does not require an override key. It can, therefore, be placed in a hard to access location which can make it effective unlike most of the 5-star alarm sirens that the likes of AVS and Mongoose still offer.

Wireless Sensor Options

The 458RL is able to work with a Wireless PIR sensor or Reed Switch which makes installation easier and also means that there are no vulnerable cables that can be tampered with.

A great alarm from an installation point of view.

From an installation point of view, the 458RL is great to work with. It has built-in central locking relays, supports vehicles that have selective unlocking as well as those that require a double lock pulse to deadlock.

It also has some clever ways to flash the hazard light as it supports conventional left and right power blinker outputs, as well as single wire hazard level and hazard logic.

 Autowatch 458RL Remote Alarm

Autowatch 458RL Remote

4 Button Remote: Battery # A23

RRP NZ$650.00

Insurance Approved:

Thatcham CAT 2-1

Obsessive Rating: Highly recommended remote upgrade alarm.

Made for cars that have an existing immobiliser.





** Power Window hook-up is not available with Pager Output

Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

PDF icon458RL User Manual


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  3. Avatar SS says:

    Hi Julian,

    Sorry to be a pain. Got some questions for you. I have a 2006 Mazda Axela/Mazda 3. Does this one have the canbus technology? if so which alarm would you recommend? I would like one with the optional tilt sensor/stage 2 shock sensor. If it doesn’t then what traditional alarms would you recommend? Many Thanks. SS

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi SS,

    Please use the contact page for your enquiry. I need details such as your location, contact information etc. Also it’s better not to give away details about your vehicles security system on a pubic post!


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