Autowatch 446RiS, 446RiSG

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The 446RiS is a 4-star alarm made by Autowatch, the 446RiSG is the same alarm but with an added glass break sensor. It’s also known as the 446RLi (AU).

Like the 446RLi Premium, the 446RiS has a very small and neat alarm module that is made to comply with Thatcham standards and has an attack-proof security housing.

The Siren has a very distinctive sound with soft arm/disarm chirps, yet it can also draw plenty of attention if it needs to.

The 446RiS has most of the features that you would expect from a decent alarm system without going over the top. Too often alarms have a big list of features such as built-in turbo timer, OEM remote options, etc, yet lose sight of the important bit.

An alarm is a security device and if fitted correctly the Autowatch does this better than any other alarm in this price range.

Autowatch 446RiS


Attack-proof Security Housing!

The 446RiS/RiSG is the only NZ alarm in its class that has passed Thatchams tests on its security housing. This means that even if the Module is found it is still hard to get inside and bypass the Immobiliser cuts.

The 446RiS is great for a good install due to its compact size and can be hidden in places that the Mongoose M60/M80 or AVS range simply couldn’t fit. Having said that good installers are about as rare as rocking horse shit so don’t make the assumption that it will be well hidden!

Auto-re-arm Disabled

One annoying design feature with the 446RiS is that it is programmed to auto-re-arm, but not re-lock. This is a horrid design flaw as it allows you to open the door and set the alarm off! I wire all of my installs to prevent the Auto re-arm from happening as nobody likes having a false alarm.

If you want an Autowatch with re-arm and re-lock then you’ll need to look at the 446RLi Premium.

Simple 1 button remote does it all

1 Button Peanut Remote: Battery # CR1220 (X2)

1 Button Peanut Remote


446RiS $560.00 ($700.00 with Ultrasonic Sensors)

446RiSG $640.00 (G stands for Glass Sensor)

Insurance Approved:

AS/NZ Immobiliser 3749-1-2003 Class B Certified

Obsessive Rating: A good insurance-approved alarm without pointless features!

Great alarm but the 446RiS lacks is the boot pop option and silent arm from the remote. If these are features that you need then the Dynatron D3600 may be a better option




Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

Changing Remote Batteries

PDF icon446RiS/RiSG User Manual

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32 Responses to Autowatch 446RiS, 446RiSG

  1. Julian says:

    After comments from one of my customers last week I felt I should add the following:

    The 446RiS/RiSG turns the Hazard lights on for 15 seconds upon disarming (or until the ignition is turned on).

    This can not be turned off. It is designed as a convenience feature to help illuminate around the vehicle in the dark.

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  4. Charese says:

    I have a corsa with this immobiliser installed in, it use to be central locking but my computer box went and they messed up my whole central locking is there a way to get it back to working the alarm still works and everything but its just the central locking thats not working anymore and can you buy the siren separate from the whole kit as i need a new siren?

    Thank you

  5. Julian says:

    Hi Charese,

    Yes you can purchase the siren on its own.

    Is your Corsa a Toyota or an Opal/Vauxhall/Holden (GM) Model?

    It should be possible to replace the central locking relays but I’d need to see what they (I assume some Gremlins have been doing evil things) have done before making further comments!

    Where abouts are you located?

    Feel welcome to PM me.

  6. Matt says:

    Hi Julian, firstly, excellent website you’ve got here! Heaps of very helpful information.

    Re: the Autowatch 446RiS,446RiSG system… when you say the hazard lights turn on for 15 seconds upon disarming… Is that flashing lights for 15sec, or constant?


  7. Julian says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The Hazard lights flash once then come on constant for 15 seconds.

    However that does depend on how it is wired up, there is a scenario on some vehicles where they would flash for 15 seconds. This would only be on some modern cars where wiring up each individual light is a mission and I would normally advise about this in advance of the install.

  8. Ewen says:

    Hi Julian,

    Is there an installer that you could recommend me in Auckland? Please email me if you cannot post this reply on your site.


  9. Julian says:

    Speak to Kishor at Autowatch:

    He’s the importer and is based in Auckland plus is a very capable installer.

  10. Ewen says:


    I’m having to decide between the 446RiSG and the Dynatron 7600 mainly because of that 45 sec immobilisation issue. I like the 446RiSG as it has the attack proof security housing but I also don’t want to have to wait every single time I turn the car off as this would not be very good for a fast paced pizza delivery situation!!!

    Is there no way to have the 446 RiSG to have some kind of remote transponder???


  11. Julian says:

    Hi Ewen,

    I think you’ve misinterpreted the 45 second thing. The Immobiliser will kick in as soon as you arm the alarm with the remote so you don’t need to wait around for it to arm. If you don’t arm the alarm then the immobiliser will auto arm after 45 seconds.

    The transponder is simply to disarm the immobiliser without the need to press any buttons. It does not offer any added security, it’s simply a convenience feature.

    It is a set up that I use myself. I have a Cobra AK4147 and Autowatch 573PPi, but this is not really an option if you are on a budget! Details here:

    So in response to your question: No it is not possible to have a transponder remote with an Autowatch 446RiSG.

  12. Ewen says:

    Ah, thanks a bunch Julian. Yes I was going through quite a lot of info in one setting…

    I own a tidy Toyota Corsa 97 model so I’m definately opting for a more budget but a very good alarm.

    I will speak to Kishor..

  13. Julian says:

    Hi Ewan,

    I’m pleased I could be of assistance.
    Tell Kishor he owes me a beer next time we catch up :mrgreen:

  14. Ewen says:

    Done. He’ll buy you a round.

    I found the 45 seconds thing is nothing to worry about. Just like you mentioned on the other page, all i had to do (when the immobiliser self-arms) was to switch to ignition and press the peanut button once. Then start the engine.

    Recommended alarm!

  15. Ania says:

    Julian, purchase a Aveo from GM, and asked dealer to install an alarm system. At the back of the remote it state AutoWatch – FC – 376-300 R9006 SRD 1e, and looking at your website it seems to me like the installation of the 446RiS. As I received not booklet, it’s diffecult to know what the alarm system can do? I’m not sure what function does each 3point immobiliser really do, except for noticing by pressing it locks and unlock and arm the alarm, is sentral locking when switching on the vehilce automatically or differ from installation?

  16. Julian says:

    Hi Ania,

    Every time I do an install I like to meet the owner and explain how the system works. If this is not possible (Car yards for example) then I leave a business card and user manual so that the owner can contact me.

    I would suggest talking to your GM dealer to get the installer details.

    The FC number is the same as the 446RLi Prmium, but there are other Autowatch alarms that use that remote that are not available in NZ. (You did not state your location) I have no way of guessing which one it could be.

  17. mugerwa treach says:

    am henry kampala, i deal n car accessories bt where cn i get this alarm systems coz ive seen them being used in k’la, i’d like 2 sell them too

  18. Julian says:

    Hi Mugerwa,

    Autowatch alarms are made by PFK electronics in South Africa.

    Touch base with them and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

  19. Jeremy says:

    Hi Julian,

    I have the 446RiS and was wondering if the remote lock and unlock chirps could be silenced with a special button press or some such? I only have the one button remote so I have so far assumed no. I have read you can disable them completely with an ignotion code, I’m not sure I want to do that, what’s the story though?



  20. Julian says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    They are either on or off with the 446RiS.
    Many countries don’t allow chirps to be on as it’s considered noise pollution.

    If you do want them off, then it’s still very clear if you’ve locked or unlocked as the Hazards flash once on arming and twice on disarmed, followed by being on solid for 15 seconds to give you some night vision.

    The user manual covers all the details.

  21. Jeremy says:

    Hey again,

    The manual just says the on and off tones can be selected my your autowatch dealer.

    Does this mean I cannot do it myself?



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  23. paulo says:

    Autowatch 446RiS, 446RiSG please provide me price on the two alarme sistems


  24. Julian says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I only sell alarm systems with installation. I also quote on a case by case basis so would need to know the details of what vehicle it would be going into.
    This is why I ask for these details on the Contact Page of the website. That said the RRP is included in the review which should give you a good idea.

    Your IP address shows that you are in Africa and I’m in Wellington New Zealand so I would suggest it maybe a good call to find someone local for a quote.

    PFK Electronics are the manufacturer so you could ask them who your nearest dealer is.

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  26. Kelvin Isaac says:

    my autowatch remote gives the sounds and blinks the indicators as i lock the doors but the doors remain unlocked, what’s wrong

  27. Julian says:

    Either there is an issue with the cars central locking or, the alarm is not wired correctly.
    Note: The 446RLi Premium will not lock the doors if a door is left open, but will give you the door open warning chirps.

  28. James k says:

    Doors unlock/lock with the remote key, as well the hazard lights turn on/off but the car wont chirp anymore. It used too.

    Alarm: 446RiS

    I’ve looked through the owners manual, and no luck

    Any ideas?

  29. Julian says:

    Does the siren sound when the alarm is triggered? It could be a faulty siren or a broken cable.

  30. James K says:

    Hey Julian, no sound when the alarm triggers. Where can I get a replacement siren?

    If your able to source one, how much will it cost including shipping to Hamilton Rural.

    Cheers mate!

  31. Julian says:

    Hi James,

    Please use the contact form rather than publish your details in pubic.

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