Autowatch 279RL

The first thing that strikes you about the 279RL is just how small it is. It really is tiny and is less than half the size of the AVS 3010 or the Mongoose M20. In fact, it’s even smaller than the Steal Shield SS450 which I managed to hide in a Lego car about 3 years ago.

Despite its lack of size it still has built-in central locking relays and is staked with programmable features.

Mongoose M20 alarm

The Mongoose Hogs all the space here!

Tidy Remote Controls

The remote controls are a two-button version of the 446RLi Premium. With separate Arm, Disarm buttons, it really does not get any more simple plus the buttons are recessed so don’t tend to get knocked in your pocket.

It even supports selective locking where the first press of the unlock button unlocks the drives door and the second press unlocks all other doors. It does, however, lack a boot pop output!

The remote controls also require the alarms serial number for programming so they are not vulnerable to remote cloning.

Moving on to the siren, it comes with the same speaker siren as that found on the 446RiS so has soft arm/disarm chirps that can be programmed off.

It’s great for technically minded installers 🙂

The 279RL is certainly designed for modern vehicles, for example, the Hazard light out-put supports Hazard level and Hazard Pulse which most modern vehicles use to flash the indicators.

I dare say that this will be an unfamiliar term to many of you (including some of the installers I know who read this) but in short, it means that the installation is easier as there is only one wire that needs connecting to flash the hazard lights.

There are some cars out there that would otherwise require up to 6 indicator wires being tapped into. This is not really a new thing as there are mid 90’s vehicles such as the BMW 3 Series (E36) that use this method.

Autowatch 279RL

The only other alarms that support this are the 446RLi Premium695CAN, and the Cobra AK4615

The 279RL has a built-in dual zone impact sensor that can be adjusted via the remote controls and has the option of having the early warning zone disabled.

It also has an instant door ajar upon arming warning that I’m a big fan of. No leaving your door slightly open by mistake and waking up to a flat battery.

Autowatch 279RL

Autowatch 279 alarm remote

Two Button Remote; Battery # A23

RRP NZ: $400.00

Obsessive Rating: A modern alarm system made for modern vehicles!

Ideal if you have a car with an existing immobiliser and require a basic remote-operated alarm system




Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

PDF icon279RL User Manual

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3 Responses to Autowatch 279RL

  1. Avatar Marcelino Atiua F.C.Nobre says:

    Good day, Sir
    I would like to have the pricing of car alarm 279RL with blue lead,


  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Marcelino,

    The RRP is $400.00, however to give you a solid quote I would need to know the vehicle details etc. If you jump on the contact us page then you can fill in the form without making your details public.


    P.S. It has a blue LED as standard.

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