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Cobra AB3868

As with all other Cobra alarms the AB3868 has a siren which is shrill, loud and attention grabbing when set off, exactly the way any good car alarm should be. It can also be programed for what ever volume you desire for the arm and dis-arm chirps. Continue reading

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Turbo Timers & Alarms

Why most alarms won’t work with an external turbo timer. The turbo timers job is to hold the ignition on after the ignition key has been removed. This allows the engine to keep running whilst the turbo cools down. Most … Continue reading

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Mongoose M30

The M30 is the entry level alarm from Mongoose. It’s a none insurance rated system for those on a very tight budget. The Mongoose comes with a 4 button remote that has separate lock an unlock buttons, plus has the option … Continue reading

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Autowatch 279RL

The first thing that strikes you about the 279RL is just how small it is. It really is tiny and is less than half the size of the AVS 3010 or the Mongoose M20. In fact, it’s even smaller than the … Continue reading

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Mongoose now offer 12 Months Warranty on Remote Controls!

Back in March, I wrote an email to Mongoose asking them why they only offered 6 months warranty on their replacement remote controls. The email that came back from Andrew Harley (Mongoose sales manager). It was disappointing and I pointed out … Continue reading

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AVS 3010

The AVS 3010 is the entry level alarm from AVS. It is a none “Star rated” system yet despite this I believe it to be the best alarm in their range. Seriously let me explain why! I’ll start off with … Continue reading

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Cobra Siren Tested to the Limit…

Cobra Siren Waterproof Test Sometime ago I recall being told that a Cobra alarm siren would survive for 10 minutes under water. This struck me as an impressive boast, however, nobody could confirm if this claim was true or not … Continue reading

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Obsessive Recommendations…

 I love it when people recommend me and my services. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m valued. It’s even more flattering when a local competitor passes on one of those “difficult” jobs, or calls for some technical advise! I also … Continue reading

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Abtec & Misleading adverts

Abtec Review I take a great deal of pride in my workmanship and the reputation I have built over that past few years. So when I found out that a local company had taken a Google AdWords advert out titled … Continue reading

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Installers: Who do you recommend?

Good vehicle security installers are a rare breed and hard to find. I’m always getting asked if I can recommend someone outside of Wellington. Why? Don’t be lazy, Wellington is slap bang in the centre of NZ and a great … Continue reading

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