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Mercedes Benz C Class Upgrade Alarm

If you own a (W204) C Class Mercedes Benz without an alarm then the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm is as good as any factory-fitted option you could have. It’s also a fraction of the price from what you’d pay … Continue reading

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Toyota Hiace Courier Alarm

Last year I posted about the New Toyota Hiace. I can now add a new Courier alarm solution for the Hiace which I’m quite excited about. It’s the first CAN-BUS courier alarm I have done and possibly a world-first too. … Continue reading

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Car Alarms and Flat Batteries

Most of us will not have been using our vehicles much over the past 4 weeks, so it should not be a surprise if you find your battery has gone flat when you come to use it again. Statistics show … Continue reading

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Callout Fees And Hourly Rate

Callout Pricing (Includes GST) Call out Fee: $120.00 (Includes ½ hour of Labour) Hourly Rate: $80.00 per hour What to expect? You can expect a progress report after the 1st hour as I respect that you don’t want an unexpected … Continue reading

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Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation

I’ve just been informed that Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation. It’s not exactly breaking news as it happened on the 5th February! I’ve been a tad slack in posting about it. Here’s the link to the Companies office… The Dynatron … Continue reading

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Viper 412V

The Viper 412V is the latest keyless entry system from Directed Electronics. It replaces the Viper 211HV and comes with new remote controls and erm… Well, that’s about it! It’s actually the same as the 211HV in all aspects apart … Continue reading

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Viper 515R Battery Back-up Siren

The 515R is a battery back-up siren from Viper. It’s one of those sirens that I’m not a big fan of as it has an over-ride key. That said it does have a decent internal battery and the keys are … Continue reading

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“Ever since you fitted the alarm…”

Ever since you fitted the alarm… I’ve lost count of how many times an alarm has been the accused of being… (fill in your own random complaint here) …the reason things stop working on a vehicle. Yet it nearly always … Continue reading

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Alarm Troubleshooting…

Troubleshooting is always interesting… Especially when you’re looking at an issue someone else has caused! I got approached by a client to have a look at their alarm system. It did work but since Auto Electrician had installed the new … Continue reading

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AA Car Alarm!

According to a blog post by the AA car alarms are slowly dying. It states that most of us are immune to them going off. I happen to agree with that part as there’s some truth in it. But why? … Continue reading

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