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Toyota Prius C Alarm

The Toyota Prius C or Aqua as it is known in Japan first came to sale in 2011. The models with a smart key and push to start button come with a factory immobiliser. But if you have a base … Continue reading

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Obsessive Workshop

Introducing the new Obsessive Workshop: 137A Ruapehu Street Paraparaumu 5032 Google Map Link can be found here… Regular readers may have noticed that the blog has been rather quiet over the past year or so. I’ve still been super busy, … Continue reading

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Viper 3400V

The Viper 3400V is the replacement for the 3100. It’s the new entry-level alarm system so what’s new? First off are the 4 button remote controls. Whilst not new (the 7145V remote is found with other Viper alarms) they are … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi ASX Upgrade Alarm

The Mitsubishi ASX comes with keyless entry and factory immobiliser as a standard along with a very basic alarm system. When I say basic, I mean basic! The factory alarm lacks any internal movement sensors so only offers door, boot, … Continue reading

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More Mazda Car Theft

There was an interesting story on Stuff today about Mazda’s being stolen which you can read here.. I’d like to clarify one or two things, it’s not all Mazda’s getting stolen, and certainly not the current generation of Mazda’s shown … Continue reading

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Isuzu D-Max RG Security

The all-new 2020 Isuzu D-Max (RG) is the latest Ute that I’ve put some security options together for. Like the previous (RT) model D-Max it has keyless entry or smart-key push to start for the top specification model. It also … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Express Alarm System

Mitsubishi New Zealand finally has a new van for sale. The Express was released in 2020 and fills the hole that was left when the L300 finally went out of production in 2014. It’s actually a re-badged Gen 3 Renault … Continue reading

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Mercedes Sprinter Alarm System

The generation 3 Sprinter has been in production since 2018. It comes with remote locking and immobiliser as standard but does not come with an alarm. For those wishing to upgrade the security and add an alarm I recommend the … Continue reading

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Autowatch Remote Cases

I’ve just landed a new batch of Autowatch peanut remote cases. The usual black ones were not available so I accepted an assortment of funky colours that may or may not be your taste! I’m happy to swap the cases … Continue reading

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Ford Ranger Security 2006-2011

The second-generation Ford Ranger was made between 2006 and 2011. With the exception of the early PJ (2006-2009) “poverty pack” XL model, most had central locking, keyless entry, and a transponder immobiliser as standard, yet lacked an alarm. The Facelift … Continue reading

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