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How are cars stolen?

Hardly a week goes by without a news story about cars being stolen. In Kapiti alone, the vehicle theft rate is averaging about 10 per day. Most of the main stream media seem to blame TikTok for this. The claim … Continue reading

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Vodafone Automotive SCD40

The Vodafone Automotive SCD40 is the GPS hardware used with the MindR Telematics Platform. It can also be used without MindR as both a Theft Recovery System and an Alarm. The SDC40 can work in full CAN-BUS configuration, or as … Continue reading

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GPS Tracking Hardware and Installation

With so many GPS tracking companies having flashy websites with lots of jargon, it is easy to overlook the basics of the hardware and installation. My advice is to ignore the testimonials and sales spin and take a good look … Continue reading

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Toyota Hiace H200 Upgrade Alarm

The H200 Toyota Hiace has been on New Zealand roads since 2004. Sales stopped in 2019 when it was discontinued and replaced with the H300 Hiace. However, it is still in production in Japan, and used imports are still finding … Continue reading

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Cobra 8510 now with Blue LED option

The Cobra 8510 is a very effective, yet simple immobiliser that I have been installing for years. The only real issue I have with installing it is deciding where to place the touch-key receiver. It needs to be in a … Continue reading

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MPT Carpentry Review

Getting a bad review is never pleasant. I want my customers to be happy with my service. Happy customers mean repeat business and referrals, which is enough to motivate me to get things right. The issue I have with online … Continue reading

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Vodafone Automotive AK4698/8509 Combo

The Vodafone Automotive AK4698/8509 Combo replaces the Cobra AK4138. It’s a top-of-the-range alarm with 3 immobiliser circuits. The system is designed for older vehicles that lack factory remote locking and immobilisation. From an installation point of view, it is a … Continue reading

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Toyota Prius C Alarm

The Toyota Prius C or Aqua as it is known in Japan first came into sale in 2011. The models with a smart key and push to start button come with a factory immobiliser. But if you have a base … Continue reading

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Obsessive Workshop

Introducing the new Obsessive Workshop: 137A Ruapehu Street Paraparaumu 5032 Google Map Link can be found here… Regular readers may have noticed that the blog has been rather quiet over the past year or so. I’ve still been super busy, … Continue reading

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Viper 3400V

The Viper 3400V is the replacement for the 3100. It’s the new entry-level alarm system so what’s new? First off are the 4 button remote controls. Whilst not new (the 7145V remote is found with other Viper alarms) they are … Continue reading

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