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The Author COMFORT Closure Module can close your cars Windows and Sunroof, plus fold your mirrors when you press the lock button on your factory remote. The Comfort module is wired to the Vehicle CAN-BUS system so is quick to install and has minimal wiring.

The IGLA Anti Theft Immobiliser has COMFORT included.

Functions vary depending on the vehicle.

COMFORT Window Closure:

All windows will close upon locking the doors with the remote. Sunroof will also close where fitted *depending on the vehicle.

COMFORT Window Venting:

Pressing the Unlock button on the factory remote 3 times will vent the windows as shown below:

Side Mirror Folding:

For vehicles that already have electric folding mirrors. If this function is not supported by the CAN-BUS then it may still be possible to fold the mirrors by adding additional relays *may cost extra for labour and parts.

For full details check out the website.

A full list of compatible vehicles can be found here…

Author COMFORT RRP: $400.00

  • Window Closure
  • Window Venting
  • Sunroof Closure
  • Mirror Fold

For vehicles not listed the Viper 535T could be a good option.

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