Auckland To Wellington in an Electric Van!

Auckland to Wellington EV Challange

The Challenge Ahead

Following on from my the post about the new electric van here is my plan on how I intend to collect it from Auckland on Friday.

Auckland to Wellington EV Challange

If I wanted a simple life then I’d have it transported down here, but that would be to easy and I always love a good challenge. Besides which I’ve collected every ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle I’ve purchased in the past so why should an electric one be any different?

The big challenge right now is the lack of charging stations outside of the main centres.

Charging Methods


e-NV200 has both a direct DC Rapid Charge Port and a 6.6KW built-in charger for AC input

I’ll start off with a quick explanation of charging stations.

CHAdeMO: DC Fast charger which is also a Japanese pun translating to “How about some tea”  It will charge the van to 80% in about 25 minutes, so enough time to stop for tea or coffee. I’ve highlighted the ones I’ll be using with a red arrow on the route map below.

J1772: Feeds AC into the van which has a 6.6KW built in Charger that should give a 0% to 100% charge in 3 to 4 hours on a high current feed. I’ve highlighted where I can get a decent J1772 charge in Violet arrows on the map below. (Note the reason for getting the Acenta Rapid Plus over the Acenta or Acenta Plus which only have a 3.3KW charger so take longer to charge) Charging via a 10 Amp wall socket would take about 10 to 12 hours for a full charge. There is a good explanation here…

You’ll also notice that there are yellow stars on the map showing where other chargers are due to be open in 2016 are (I’ve been watching them closely for weeks but alas none have opened in time). Because Waiouru, Mangaweka and Otaki are not yet ready most of the normal SH1 route is simply not an option.

The Planned Route back to Wellington

The Planned Journey n my electric van

Auckland to Wellington EV Challange

The Planned Journey:

Friday: Fly up to Auckland and collect the van in the morning, catch up with a couple of friends in Auckland then drive down to Hamilton. I can get a charge in South Auckland if need be (124.7 KM). Stay in Hamilton and get a full slow charge overnight. Hamilton also has a CHAdeMO.

Saturday: Leave Hamilton on 100% and go Rotorua (106.2 KM) as I’m not confident I’ll have the legs to make it the 151.7 KM to Taupo in one hit.

Use the Rotorua CHAdeMO then onto Taupo (81.8 KM) where I’ll call in to catch up with Steve Greenwood at Central Motor Group who has very kindly allowed me to use their J1772 32 Amp Juice Point charger.

The Challenging bit…

From Taupo, things get a little tricky. I’ve decided that my best option is to head over to the east coast to Hastings which has a CHAdeMO. But that is 157.5 KM and pushing it! However, there are a couple locations I can stop at on the way to get a slow charge:

  1. Tarawera Cafe (64.2 KM)
  2. Eskdale Holiday Park (59.6 KM from Tarawera Cafe) (123.8 from Taupo) (34.3 to Hastings)

From Hastings things get easier:

Hastings to Waipukarau CHAdeMO (49.3 KM)

Waipukarau to Palmerston North J1772 32 Amp  (108.2 KM)

Palmerston North to Featherston CHAdeMO (126.5 KM)

Featherston to Home (65.6 KM)

The following are super useful resources which I have been using and are worth checking out if you are interested:

Wish me luck 🙂

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3 Responses to Auckland To Wellington in an Electric Van!

  1. Michael says:

    Heading south from Taupo there are some nice long downhill sections so power recovery should get you on to Hastings with no issues.

  2. Kevin McKeefry says:

    How did it work out?
    Thinking of buying a Leaf! and bringing it back to Wellington

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Details of the trip can be found here:

    There are more Charging locations now so you should have an easier run.

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