Another Mongoose M80 Remote

Mongoose Product Range

Mongoose Product Range

Mongoose have been making changes to the M80 remote again. First we had the Two Button M80 Remote, then in March 2009 came the Three Button M80 Remote with a Blue LED, and now we have the Three Button M80 Remote with a Red LED.

What all Mongoose alarm owners should be aware of (and dealers for that matter), is that the remote controls are not interchangeable. In other words if you have an existing three button M80 remote with a Blue LED then the new three button red LED remote control can not be programmed to work with your alarm as it works on a different frequency.

Mongoose have also done the same thing with the M60 as well (Mongoose deny that there have been problems with the remote, but I’ve certainly had conflicting information) so getting a replacement remote will no doubt be a headache for some!

It is also worth noting that Mongoose only offer 6 months warranty on remote controls, (Most companies offer 12 months) which begs the question “Are there quality issues?”

The Mongoose M80 remote range

 Three Button with Red LED:

Mongoose M80 Three Button Remote

M80 Three Button with Red LED

October 2011 onwards



 Three Button with Blue LED:

Mongoose M80 Three Button Blue

M80 Three Button with Blue LED

March 2009 to September 2011



 Two Button M80 Remote:

M80 Two Button

Pre March 2009 remote.

Sadly Mongoose have not taken the opportunity to  do anything to prevent remote cloning yet.

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