Alarmed Lego Car

What can he target?

What can he target?

You’re probably going to ask why the hell would I fit a car alarm to a lego car?

I could say that  it was a cunning way to claim the GST back on my toys, but that really would be going to a lot of effort for a small tax refund!

It all started off with a Lego thief which I was given, he ended up sitting on my desk by my computer screen and I often felt that there was something missing (he needed something worth having a crack at!) I was also in the process of starting the Obsessive website and had spent sometime researching other vehicle security sites. I became aware of some of my rivals that had super cars featured in the header which implied that they had installed alarms to them. This seemed like total bullshit to me and I wanted to create a site that was more honest…

Making the Lego Car and installing a Car Alarm

The idea was simple, make a lego car and fit an alarm to it. Making the idea become a reality however was not quite so simple!

I started off with the basic car then went out and purchased a load of 3mm LED’s for the indicator bulbs, drilled holes in the right bricks and then ran some very thin cables. The Steal Shield SS450 was the perfect alarm for the job as the module is very small and has a built in shock sensor. Many late nights later the car was complete.

Obsessive Vehicle Security indeed!

Here’s the video

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