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It’s nearly 3 years since the review section of the blog went live. I’ve had some fantastic feedback over this time about how blunt, honest and useful the reviews have been.

One of the main criteria I have is to be upfront about both the positive and negative aspect of each system, even if it ruffles the feathers of some of my suppliers!

There are clear guidelines in place of how the alarms are reviewed and comments are always welcome. Let’s face it, I am human and may get things wrong at times, plus I’ll be the first person to admit to being an opinionated cock!

Review Plagiarism

It was only a matter of time… All good ideas get copied in time and I’d like to thank Abtec NZ for the vote of confidence by jumping on the review bandwagon. They have even taken the liberty of coping my “News Views and Product Reviews” title FFS!

So with that in mind how do the reviews compare?

Here is the Abtec review of the AVS S5: (Click on image for full review link)

Here is the genuine Obsessive review:

Reviews You can Trust 😳

Who else thinks that Abtec (AVS wholesaler) have overlooked some of the “Issues” that the S5 has?

Why has AVS put a link to the review on their Facebook page, yet not linked to my review? (I’m not really looking for an answer on this one as I think I know 🙄 )

To summarise I’d say it goes to show that a review by a wholesaler is never going to be impartial and upfront!

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