Alarm advert theft not a good look!

Back in December 2009, I shared a couple of adverts by Cobra which I felt were quite creative.

Alarm Theft!

Cobra: Horn

Cobra: Horn

It seems that I was not the only one who liked them. Sadly whoever is responsible for the Website of Hyper Drive in Auckland has decided it would be a good idea to “re-brand” the Cobra adverts with an AVS logo!

Alarm Theft

The Stolen Advert

So much for helping to prevent crime you lazy tossers!

The main reason most of us invest in a car security system is that we wish to protect our cars and contents against some of the dishonest bastards out there.

You’d like to think that those selling security systems had some moral standards rather than partaking in theft themselves! Hopefully, Hyper Drive will remove it now that the advert has been exposed. I’m assuming this has not come from AVS as I’ve not seen anything with it on their website as yet.

Hyper Drive Alarms

Hyper Drive – Dishonest Advert

AVS are also masters of bullshit re-branding. It was not so long ago that they claimed to be 100% Kiwi which seemed hard to believe seeing that they sell re-branded RhinoCo alarms which are designed in Australia and are made in China!

New Hyperdrive alarm advert?
Feel welcome to stick this up on your alarm page :

Re-branded car alarma

100% Kiwi. Bollocks! As Kiwi as a Chinese Kangaroo!


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1 Response to Alarm advert theft not a good look!

  1. Julian Julian says:

    Whop whop!

    Just got this back from Hyper Drive:

    Hi Julian
    Thanks for pointing that out – I have asked our website design staff to remove the advert.
    I have also cautioned them about what pictures they use when making banners and adverts – it was an honest mistake on their behalf.

    Steve Bews / Car Audio & Security

    I would not consider using photoshop to remove the Cobra logo and replacing it with an AVS one as an “honest mistake”, however it’s good to get a swift response and I’ve noted that the advert has now been removed.

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