About Viper Security

About Viper Security

Viper Product Range

Viper is the worlds best-selling brand of vehicle alarm and remote engine start systems. Its parent company is Directed Electronics who were founded in 1982 in the USA.

Directed Electronics other vehicle security brands include Python, Clifford and Hornet.

Viper is imported into New Zealand by Directed NZ who are based in Auckland. Being a small market all stock goes via Directed Australia so NZ is treated like another Aussie state (At least that’s how I view it!)

They introduced Viper back to NZ in the late part 2014 after it had been absent for about 8 years.

Remote Engine Start

Viper is well known for their remote engine start systems.

They offer a huge range of products and have some highly programmable systems with multi auxiliary outputs.

Personally, I like to think of Viper security systems as the installers toy of choice there really a heap of options you can play with.


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