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Update: April 2015

Cobra is now owned by Vodafone Automotive. Details can be found here: Vodafone Automotive is the new name for Cobra

Click here for the official Vodafone Automotive Anti-Theft Website.

Make sure you use an approved Cobra Installer

All Official New Zealand Vodafone Automotive installers can be found here…

Be warned: Avoid Parallel Imports. Read more here…

Made in Italy

Cobra is designed and manufactured in Italy. Founded in 1975 Cobra make some of the worlds most advanced vehicle security systems.

Cobra is distributed in New Zealand by ACS Limited who have a selective network of dealers to ensure a high standard of installation quality, of which I’m proud to be one of them.

All Cobra alarms and Immobilisers available in New Zealand meet with Thatcham standards. Test certificates are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. These can be found on the Thatcham website.

This is your guarantee that the systems are current and effective and not some old technology being marketed as “the best” without any substance!

Cobra offers an extensive range of systems for both OEM and the aftermarket. The new generation of CAN-Bus alarms integrates perfectly with most modern vehicles (list here) and feature cutting-edge technology such as wireless sirens and driver card key theft protection.

The quality of Cobra is second to none which ensures years of trouble-free security. For example, Cobra remote controls and sirens are waterproof. Cobra also offers the only true attack proof immobiliser security housing in NZ.


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