About Autowatch

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch alarms and immobilisers are designed and manufactured in South Africa by PFK Electronics who have been in business since 1985.

In New Zealand, they are distributed by Autowatch NZ 2010 Ltd who are based in Auckland. Autowatch has a selective dealer network in most major centres which can be found on the autowatch.co.nz website.

If you’re in Australia Dynamco are the importer.

Autowatch believes that insurance standard security systems should be professionally installed so are not for sale without installation.

Autowatch is the only NZ vehicle security company to offer an anti-theft guarantee.

Most Autowatch security systems in New Zealand either comply with Australian/New Zealand Standards or the more respected Thatcham certification.

A full list of approved Thatcham products can be viewed on the Thatcham Website.

All Autowatch security systems come with a unique PIN code over-ride number. This number can disarm an alarm or immobiliser in the event of a lost or failed remote. It is also required for programming of new remote controls or transponder tags so protect against unauthorised remote cloning.



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