AA Car Alarm!

AA Car Alarm

AA Car Alarm

According to a blog post by the AA car alarms are slowly dying.

It states that most of us are immune to them going off. I happen to agree with that part as there’s some truth in it.

But why?

There are so many shit quality alarms with over sensitive impact sensors and rusty bonnet switches it’s not funny.

Then comes the lack of competent installers. Every car audio shop and DIY mechanic thinks that they can install an alarm!

Most of them can install an alarm, it’s just that they don’t do a very good job! This is why so many are not reliable and they have such a bad reputation.

Would you trust an AA car alarm?

The irony was not lost on me when I found out that the AA alarm install alarms. It turns out very badly too!

Watch the video below…

2006 Toyota Hilux – Previously an AA Service Vehicle

So I inspect the alarm because the doors randomly lock (this turns out to be a faulty tactile switch in the remote control). There is also the issue of two doors that do not lock as the hacked central locking install has fallen to pieces!

The front door lock actuator was attached to a random piece of wood, by a hodgepodge of miscellaneous bolts and screws as shown in the photo below!

AA Car Alarms

AA central locking

I’m curious about the legal implications of what the AA has done to the central locking. It only takes a press of the remote button to lock the doors (remember that the faulty remote was locking them). What would happen if you needed to get out of the vehicle in an emergency?

What about the rest of the Install?

The immobiliser remote next to the factory immobiliser warning LED

Well first off the AA chose to install a Dynaton D7800 which comes with Dual immobiliser. The Hilux already has a factory transponder immobiliser so it really didn’t need an additional one.

Then came all the usual faults such as the rusted bonnet switch and a crap siren location.

I could go on…

But the point is simple. The AA really should stick roadside assistance as they clearly don’t have any competence when it comes to vehicle security! Yet they can publish a blog a post about an issue which they have helped to create! ­čÖü



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