Greg Watts: A Legacy of Failure.

Greg Watts: NZSA Executive Officer

The title of this post may sound harsh, but I firmly believe that it is fair.

The New Zealand Security Association has been totally inept under the helm of Greg Watts.

On 5th October I sent a public email to Greg Watts asking if he had seen the relevant certificates for the Mongoose TA alarm along with other questions.

Greg Watt’s is a weak leader

Now after five weeks of waiting Greg has failed to respond, even though I have emailed him (and the rest of the NZSA staff) the questions four times demanding an open reply.

I’d like to remind everyone including Greg Watts that the NZSA claims to represent its members. It also claims to act in the best interest of the public, both of whom they should be accountable to.

Quite why Greg Watts has failed to respond remains a mystery. He has claimed time and time again that the NZSA has nothing to hide, yet continues to evade my questions. As I have pointed out numerous times, if there is no corruption going on then surely the NZSA would have no objection to fronting up and responding!

An Inept Misleading Organisation?

An endorsement from the NZSA now holds about as much credibility as Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown would promoting a weight watchers diet. The hollow claims made by the NZSA about representing vehicle security standards seem to be a total farce.

Not only do they appear to be misleading the public with the suggestion that approved installers are more qualified then none members. They also fail to respond to any questions regarding product changes and certification.

The big question I’d like to know is how many of the NZSA members are actually aware of how the organisation is run? If they are aware then do they really want to be associated with an organisation that seems to have no accountability for its actions.

Personally, I have had enough of the bullshit. This is an organisation that blackmails people into being a paying member. Those who refuse to pay are labelled as “not being certified” or “approved” to supply or install insurance approved alarms.

This, in my opinion, is totally unethical as not being a member is commercially damaging. I’m not the only one who shares this view, here is a recent letter to the NZSA from Ron Campbell (Director of Dynatron NZ).

Given the failure of the NZSA to represent its members, along with its failure to act to improve vehicle security standards, it is clear that as Executive Officer, Greg Watts is failing to do his job.

Come April 2012 when fees are due I will not be renewing my membership. Well, certainly not unless I see a major shakeup in the NZSA, and for that heads will need to roll!

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16 Responses to Greg Watts: A Legacy of Failure.

  1. Rick says:

    Interesting read. My question is; to whom is the NZSA accountable? As far can I see there two groups who potentially benefit from an approval agency and should therefore be able to demand accountability; consumers who simply need assurance that a product or service meets a minimum standard to make their car harder to steal, and insurance companies who want assurance that the cars they are insuring have some measure of protection.

    Individual consumers can simply say “bugger the NZSA”, find a better method of approval and move on. Those of us who can be bothered with a bit of online research have already done this.

    That just leaves insurance companies. IMO if they can be persuaded, as a group, to select (or create) a different approval body then the relevance of the NZSA would simply disappear. No? Even if insurance companies have the clout to get NZSA to up their game that would be an acceptable alternative.

  2. Julian says:

    I have just sent the following email to Greg Watts and all members of the NZSA:

    Dear Greg,

    Please be aware that I have copied other members of the NZSA in on this email.

    I am forced to do this as you have failed to respond to my questions regarding NZSA standards. I feel it is right that members of the group have a right to know about how poorly your handling of the vehicle security section of the NZSA has been recently.
    I have given you ample time to respond to my questions and have even sent you 4 follow up emails in an attempt to get a response. As a paying member of your organisation I am disgusted at your lack of action and would like to know why you continue to evade dealing with issues surrounding product changes and a lack of an open testing procedure. I now have serious concerns about how unprofessional you seem to be in your roll as Executive Officer.

    Full details about my complaint and past correspondence with the NZSA can be found here:

    I had hoped to avoid using such public tactics to get a reply, but your lack of action has left me with little other alternative.

    Julian Dunster

  3. Dayna Jury says:

    Well, it seems that they will no longer be looking after the vehicle security side of things, after many years of paying membership to something with promises of compulsory security etc etc, and nothing but a hole in my wallet. Why do we need these groups for anyhow? I might go set up a group charge $150 a year membership promise everything and give nothing. Make me some extra $$$ rumours of possibly MTA taking over responsibilities? Only the installers know whats going on, being run by pen pushing paper filing uselessness.

  4. john stewart says:

    Do not think this is limited to the vehicle security industry. I was one of the original members from the 80’s, and actively involved in the alarm and CCTV side with my small business. For over a year I have received mail from their office administrator threatening expulsion from the NZSA because I REFUSE to allow/pay someone to walk into my work, visit my clients, and audit my ability to perform my job! I have been in this trade for over 25 years, and they want me to weaste my time filling out rediculous forms and pay them $1400 for the privilege.
    For my membership fee, I get the occassional letter/email inviting me to attend conferences in Auckland or overseas – totally irrelevent to a small company in Southland. Also, I do not want “great incentives” like Noel Lemming, fuel, insurance or radio advertising – My business already has these in place – at better pricing.
    I have NEVER had a business enquiry via the NZSA web site, and not one new client as a result of being an NZSA member in the past 10 years.
    However, It has been “suggested” to me that if I leave the NZSA, I will lose all future work from one of their biggest members.

    I have seen an NZSA rep only once in over 2 years – this was less than 1/2 hour, and he mainly came to push his own barrow on another matter.

    Lets face it, the NZSA is a “big boys” junket funded by us small players. I think there are only 2 active members in Southland.

  5. Mike says:

    I have to say that the NZSA has run its time, its disturbing that an Association which us meant to be for its members, constantly fails to meet its members needs.

    We have paid thousands of dollars in fees for years with little or nothing for it, now the audits are excessive in their charges and if we oppose anything we are threatened.

    Every member I speak to sings the same song. Is it time we call a special meeting and decide the future of the NZSA and its leadership.

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Dayna,

    I believe that the MTA maybe taking things over at some stage. I’ll post it here once I have any news.

    The NZSA claim that they don’t make enough money out of the vehicle security group! In reality the NZSA are trying to worm their way out of things now that every one knows that the system is little more then extortion.

  7. Julian says:

    Hi John,

    It sounds like you’ve been getting a raw deal too. I totally agree when you say that you don’t want the “great incentives”. I don’t want to be bribed or blackmailed into being a member!


    I’ve been getting exactly the same feed back as you from other members. The NZSA need to understand that we are all trying to run a business and that if we fail to deliver then we lose customers. Why should the same rules not apply to them? I believe that as a group we do have some power as without our membership fees the NZSA would no longer exist.

  8. Craig Taylor says:

    Hi Julian

    I would like to add my story to your website, as I briefly dicussed with you yesterday. Also, I have now contacted three other companies from Invercargill to Auckland and all are dissatisfied with NZSA and disgruntled

    If I write my story, can you add if fits the bill



  9. Julian says:

    Hi Craig,

    It was good chatting to you yesterday. You’re more then welcome to add your story here.

    You can either post it here on the comment section or send me an email with it ( and I can post it as a new thread about how many disgruntled NZSA members there are out there.

    I have yet to hear from anyone who has defended the NZSA or had anything positive to say about them, and that includes any response from Greg or anyone else at the NZSA!


  10. Nobby says:

    There are some inaccuracies is some of the blogs. Invercargill has more than 2 active members as Crest franchisees are required by contract to join the NZSA.

    The NZSA is also doing a lot of radio advertising (Coast radio)that goes like “there are two types of security staff – those that belong to the NZSA and are fully vetted and trained – and then there are the others. Would you trust the others than you no nothing about ?”

  11. Julian says:

    Hi Nobby,

    I don’t know about your industry but I would certainly say that the NZSA is misleading the public about vehicle security installers being vetted and trained. Would you consider an unsupervised exam paper an adequate test?

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