5 Star Car Alarm Ratings: Is this the final chapter?

5 star car alarms!

It’s no secret that I consider the NZSA 5 Star rating system to be an outdated and misleading guide to what is claimed to be effective vehicle security.

Hell, I’ve been asking some blunt questions about he NZSA for the past two years and exposed it for the inept, unprofessional, parasitic, organisation that it really is.

My goal has always been to get one of the following outcomes:

1: For the NZSA to become an open, honest and accountable organisation that actually delivers on what it claims.

2: For the NZSA to crawl under a rock and get out of the vehicle security industry. Let’s face it, the NZSA is little more than a money-making machine run by a bunch of Muppets, that blackmails companies into membership.

Back of the net!


As of 1st April (and no this is not going to be an April Fools joke!) the NZSA will (hopefully) no longer be associated with the vehicle security industry.

Here is an email from Greg Watts dated 26th November 2011

Afternoon All,
Over the past few years the NZSA has endeavored to bring together members of the vehicle security industry to provide input and guidance for their sector and among other things review and revise the ‘Star Rating System’ for vehicle alarms.  
Unfortunately we have been unable to secure enough interest from the industry to form a viable ‘Specialist Working Party’, this is partly due to the fact that the installation of alarms and immobilizers has decreased in recent years and the installation of entertainment systems, bluetooth car kits and navigation systems etc   has increased. As such the NZSA board do not believe the NZSA is now in a position to effectively and independently act on behalf and in the best interests of the vehicle security industry.
After a meeting of the NZSA board two weeks ago, it was agreed the NZSA would cease its representation of Vehicle Security as of the 31st of March 2012 and over the next five months look to transition this membership and the “Star Rating System” to an appropriate independent body.
After evaluating several options the NZSA have commenced discussions with the MTA (Motor Trade Association Inc) as we believe the MTA is better suited and equipped to support the Vehicle Security industry going forward. After reviewing our combined memberships we have identified a large number of members who belong to both the NZSA and MTA, which would potentially make a transition of the membership easier. 
Although we are not in a position to formally announce the transition of NZSA vehicle membership to the MTA at this stage, we continue to work with the MTA and will make further announcements in due course.
Greg Watts

Good Riddance 

As usual, Greg has failed to man up and make any public statement about what is going on. In my view, the letter comes across as a lame excuse for years of failure and is little more then a pathetic attempt to worm out of any responsibility.

Anyway, I will be very pleased to see the back of the NZSA and will be cracking a beer open on the 1st April to celebrate :mrgreen:

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4 Responses to 5 Star Car Alarm Ratings: Is this the final chapter?

  1. James says:

    Alarm’s on the decline? What a load of shit. If anything an alarm is a necessity these days given the amount of car thefts happening.

    Would love for Thatcham to become the rating standard here which would no doubt lift the standard in alarms in NZ.

    Good riddance is all I can say.

  2. Julian says:

    Agreed, anyone would think that these words were uttered from the mouth of an employee at Mongoose NZ!

    Notice the talk about “entertainment systems, bluetooth car kits and navigation systems” being on the increase. Funny how Mongoose now sell these to make up for a drop in alarm sales, dare I say partly due to people expecting better quality after reading the reviews…

    Interestingly I sold more alarms in 2011 then in previous years!

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