Toyota Prius C Alarm

The Toyota Prius C or Aqua as it is known in Japan first came to sale in 2011.

The models with a smart key and push to start button come with a factory immobiliser. But if you have a base model with a traditional remote key then it may lack one. You can normally tell if there is an immobiliser as there will be a flashing padlock symbol in the instrument cluster.

All models lack a factory alarm so if you are looking to improve the security of yours then I recommend the Vodafone Automotive AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm.

Alarm features

  • The alarm is fully functional using the Toyota remote
  • Door, Boot & Bonnet Protection
  • Internal Ultrasonic Movement Sensors
  • Digital Battery Back-up Siren
  • Horn Honk & Hazard Light Warning

Here are some photos of how the alarm looks in the Toyota Aqua

Ultrasonic internal movement sensors in the Prius C

LED over-ride switch in the Toyota Aqua

Easy Emergency Over-ride 

The PIN code over-ride can be customized to any 4 digit number so the alarm can be disarmed if the remote battery fails.

Toyota Aqua Alarm

Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS Upgrade Alarm:

$700.00 (Price includes installation and GST)

Works with the factory remote

Optional Cobra Remote: $115.00

Optional Extras:

Tilt Sensor $150.00

Cobra Tilt Sensor

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Obsessive Workshop

Introducing the new Obsessive Workshop:

137A Ruapehu Street

Google Map Link can be found here…

Regular readers may have noticed that the blog has been rather quiet over the past year or so. I’ve still been super busy, but most of my time has gone into fixing up my new house and garage. It was all in a rather sorry state when I first moved in.


Upon undertaking the work I joked that I’d have the house finished before Transmission Gully opened (I’ll spare the details but the work was considerable).

Well, not only is the house finished but the Garage has also been done up. All before the promised road to Wellington has been opened!

…and after

I’ll let the photos do the speaking. It’s now a useful garage that is big enough to work in with comfort. The roller door has a 2 meters clearance so can fit most standard-sized vans etc. Although I’d love it to be higher as a Toyota Hiace with roof bars will not fit!

Levin Car Security

The garage door has a 2.02 meter clearance

What does my re-location mean?

Not much for existing customers as the mobile installation service remains and I still cover the Wellington region.

Levin Car Security

I am now happy to travel up to Levin for vehicle security installations. It is much quicker to get to than Wellington. Especially with Transmission Gully still not being finished and roadworks on SH58 looking like slow travel to the Hutt will be a permanent thing.

The Obsessive test bench now sits proudly above a solid workbench

I’ll now try and update the blog and Website more often. There are some exciting products which I’ll be posting about soon…

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Viper 3400V

The Viper 3400V is the replacement for the 3100. It’s the new entry-level alarm system so what’s new?

First off are the 4 button remote controls. Whilst not new (the 7145V remote is found with other Viper alarms) they are an improvement over the old 3 button remote.

This is a win as the additional button allows for a separate lock and unlock button that make the system easier to use.

Viper 7145V remotes come with the 3400V

Smaller Siren

There is a new siren which is smaller than the old one. It’s still a standard none battery back-up model and the smaller size makes it nicer for the installer to hide.

514L siren, smaller than the old 514LN

But is it still as loud?

I put both on the Obsessive test bench to find out.


What else is new?

Well other than a new box and user manual, not much! It’s still the same hardware as the 3100 including the plastic case for the alarm module which still has 3100 moulded into it.

Viper 3400 is actually a 3100 with new remote controls and a smaller siren.


The 3100 reviews can be found here…

Rather than repeat the old review have a good read up there to get the full details.

Viper 3400V

Suggested Retail Price: $400.00 (may vary depending on vehicle and requirements)

Obsessive Rating:
My favourite entry-level alarm system!

OK it’s still the Viper 3100 with updated remote controls and a smaller siren.

But there is nothing wrong with that!



  • 6 Tone Standard Siren
  • Two 4 Button remote controls
  • Starter immobiliser
  • Impact sensor
  • Blue LED
  • Hazard/Parklight output
  • Two Aux outputs
  • Valet Mode


Additional information

PDF icon3100 User Manual (Will update with 3400V PDF once it’s available)

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Mitsubishi ASX Upgrade Alarm

The Mitsubishi ASX comes with keyless entry and factory immobiliser as a standard along with a very basic alarm system.

When I say basic, I mean basic! The factory alarm lacks any internal movement sensors so only offers door, boot, and bonnet protection.

Once triggered it has a 30-second delay before the alarm sounds the horn.

If you are looking to improve on the factory alarm, then my recommendation is the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm.

This video shows it in action:

Here are some photos of what the alarm looks like installed:

Here is how they look when back in the car:

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More Mazda Car Theft

Scumb on Social Media

There was an interesting story on Stuff today about Mazda’s being stolen which you can read here..

I’d like to clarify one or two things, it’s not all Mazda’s getting stolen, and certainly not the current generation of Mazda’s shown in the images on the Stuff post.

It’s the older Mazda models that do not have a factory immobilser that will be the target. Here’s a blog post from 4 year ago that explains what to look for if you have an older Mazda…

I think it’s a fair assumption to say that media coverage over the past few years has raised awareness about how easy these cars are to hotwire. The AA “Most stolen car list that gets published every year and then every online news outlet makes a big deal of it.

It’s also easy to share info on “how to hotwire” these cars on social media. It’s easy to do, any knuckle dragger can do it!

I recommend an immobiliser as a minimum protection

The Cobra 8510 touch key immobilser will stop the scum bags from hotwiring an older Mazda. At $270.00 it’s a no-brainer!

Cobra 8510 Immobiliser

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Isuzu D-Max RG Security

The all-new 2020 Isuzu D-Max (RG) is the latest Ute that I’ve put some security options together for.

Like the previous (RT) model D-Max it has keyless entry or smart-key push to start for the top specification model. It also comes with an immobiliser. But it does lack an alarm which I can add to work with the factory remote.

I can also add remote locking to the tailgate which is not a factory option. This costs about $250.00 or $400.00 if installed with a Double Tap module which unlocks the tailgate with a 2nd press of the remote unlock button.

2020 Isuzu D-Max Alarm

The Cobra AK4615 fits perfectly in the D-Max working with the factory remote locking. Ultrasonic movement sensors come as standard along with door and bonnet protection. As usual, the siren is loud and horn honk does not cost any extra to hook up.

Optional Load Area Protection

A PIR sensor is an optional extra if you have a canopy that needs protection. Or there is the option of using a Microwave Sensor if you have a hard lid to protect valuables in the load area.

Here are some shots of how the Cobra Alarm looks in the D-Max

Whilst I’ve not yet got my hands on the new Mazda BT50, I’m confident that these options should work in it too. It is made by Isuzu in the same factory after all.

Details about the previous model D-Max can be found here…

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Mitsubishi Express Alarm System

Mitsubishi New Zealand finally has a new van for sale. The Express was released in 2020 and fills the hole that was left when the L300 finally went out of production in 2014.

It’s actually a re-badged Gen 3 Renault Trafic which has been in production since 2014. This post covers that too along with a host of other vans based on the Renault Trafic which I’ll list at the bottom of the page.

It lacks an Alarm

It comes with a factory transponder immobiliser and key-less-entry as standard but lacks an alarm. The Vodafone Automotive AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm is my recommendation.

Mitsubishi Express Alarm Installation

The alarm works with the factory remote key and has Ultrasonic movement sensors as standard to protect the cabin. For vans with a partition, I recommend a PIR sensor to cover the load area.

Ultrasonic movement sensors come as standard with the AK4615

Also works with the following vans which have different badges:

Renault Trafic

Nissan NV300

Fiat Talento

Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro

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Mercedes Sprinter Alarm System

The generation 3 Sprinter has been in production since 2018. It comes with remote locking and immobiliser as standard but does not come with an alarm.

For those wishing to upgrade the security and add an alarm I recommend the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm which works with the factory remote.

I can also configure the alarm to work as a courier alarm with a Cobra remote which I’ll explain at the end of this post.

Gen 3 (907/910) VS30 Mercedes Sprinter

How the AK4615 Mercedes Sprinter Alarm works

It simply works with the factory remote. Lock the van and it arms. Unlock with either the front or rear unlock buttons and it disarms.

Alarm works with Mercedes remote

Expect all the usual, a very loud hidden siren and optional horn honk.

Ultrasonic Internal Protection

The ultrasonic sensors get painted black to match the trim colour, they then get mounted on either side of the rearview mirror. This gives good coverage of the whole cabin, especially with motorhome setups where side cabinets can often block the view to the back of the van,

Ultrasonic sensors painted black for a perfect colour match

The LED over-ride switch goes nicely on a switch blank as shown below.

LED over-ride switch

Courier Alarm Option

Following on from the Toyota Hiace CAN-BUS courier alarm (which was an Obsessive first) I’ve not got the AK4615 to work as a courier alarm in the Sprinter too.

Sprinter Courier alarm

This happened after the local car audio shop told my customer it was not possible. I suggest that they should remove the signage claiming to be alarm specialist or up their game ?

Pricing: (correct at time of posting this but subject to change)

AK4615 $700.00

Cobra Remote $115.00 each

Previous generation Spinter (906) 2006-2018

Gen 2 Sprinter 2006-2018

The AK4615 also works in the previous model Mercedes Sprinter as posted here… (although I’ve not made a courier alarm version available as yet)

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Autowatch Remote Cases

I’ve just landed a new batch of Autowatch peanut remote cases.

The usual black ones were not available so I accepted an assortment of funky colours that may or may not be your taste!

I’m happy to swap the cases over when installing a 446RiS/RiSG so let me know if you’d like something other than the stock ones.

Replacement Case: $30.00 plus shipping

Note: If you are ordering one online then you will be sent a random colour. I will only be offering a choice to those who are purchasing an alarm.

More details about the Autowatch Peanut remote can be found here…

Note: I do not offer international sales. New Zealand only.

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Ford Ranger Security 2006-2011

The second-generation Ford Ranger was made between 2006 and 2011.

With the exception of the early PJ (2006-2009) “poverty pack” XL model, most had central locking, keyless entry, and a transponder immobiliser as standard, yet lacked an alarm. The Facelift PK (2009-2011) XL model actually got central locking as standard!

Interestingly the early XL model does have the central locking relays and wiring loom, but Ford simply removed the door lock actuators!

2nd Generation Ford Ranger

You can tell if your Ford Ranger has an immobiliser by looking at the key. If the keyring hole is in the center as shown in the photo below it does not have one.

Ford Ranger XL Key with central keyring hole

If however the hole is offset to the side then there is a transponder chip in the head of the key.

Upgrading central locking in the XL

The locking is a cable system so adding aftermarket locking actuators is not an option. My suggestion is to get genuine Ford ones which will simply bolt into the factory doors, plug them into the existing wiring and the job is done.

Existing locking wire loom in the XL Ranger

I’m not suggesting taking a loan out and going to the Ford dealership (if anyone knows the pricing then let me know and I’ll post it here). There are enough old ones kicking around at the wreckers these days so grab some second-hand ones.

Ford Ranger Alarm options

If you have a Ranger that still has both remote controls you could opt for an OEM upgrade alarm that works with them. However, given that the Ford remote control is separate from the key I’d recommend an alarm that comes with two new remote controls.

The advantage of a remote alarm is that you have much more control over how it is programmed. If you don’t like the Ford Auto re-locking then you don’t have to have it.

I’d recommend an alarm with an immobiliser if you have the XL version.

If you have a canopy on the tray and keep tools in there then a PIR sensor is a good addition to any alarm.

Note: This post is also applicable to the Mazda BT-50 with the same production dates.

Details about 2012> Ford Ranger can be found here…

Ford Ranger upgrade alarm (Includes Mazda BT-50)

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