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AVS Car Security

"But the guy at the Car Audio shop said AVS are the best!"

Sadly AVS lack most of the basics that make for a good security system such as an Attack proof Immobiliser security housing and pin code protected remote coding, or even a decent siren!.

AVS C Series C3, C4, C5 CAN-Bus alarm

AVS C5 Alarm

The AVS C Series is a re-branded Tytan DS410 alarm which is made in Poland.

The C3 comes with a standard siren, the C4 and C5 come with a battery back-up siren and Ultrasonic sensors. The C5 has an additional tilt sensor.

AVS C Series CAN-Bus Alarm

Insurance Rating: None insurance approved



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AVS S Series - S3/S4/S5

S Series Alarm

The S Series comes in 3 versions. The S3 is an Immobiliser, the S4 is an alarm system, and the S5 the top model which AVS give 5 magic stars! They all feature remote locking and come with 3 immobiliser circuits.

The S Series offer the ability to function as an upgrade alarm so can work from a factory remote. (Note: Not all features will be available as an upgrade alarm)

AVS S3 Remote Immobiliser
AVS Rating System: 3 Stars

AVS S4 Remote Alarm/Immobiliser with shock sensor
AVS Rating System: 4 Stars

AVS S5 Remote Alarm/Immobiliser with shock sensor & Glass break sensor
AVS Rating System: 5 Stars



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AVS A4 Alarm

The AVS A4 car alarm comes with the same battery back-up siren found in the S4 and S5 and AVS claim it has 4 stars!

Like the S Series the A4 has the option to function as a upgrade alarm

It also has a built in turbo timer and two multi function waterproof remotes.

AVS A4 Remote Alarm/Immobiliser
AVS Rating System: 4 Stars



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AVS 3010 & 3010+

AVS 3010 Alarm

A good entry level alarm. The 3010 has plenty of features and a tidy simple waterproof remote.

The alarm also has dual immobilisation when armed which makes it a good system for those on a budget when insurance approval is not required.


None Insurance Rated

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AVS Alarm Fire

AVS alarms* do not come with fuses so if you are silly enough to get one then ask your installer to add one for you.

Electrical fires are not cool!

* 3010 model does have fuses

AVS Remotes

Waterproof Remote

AVS Waterproof Remote.

Current remote for S3, S4, S5 & A4

Battery #CR1616 (x2)

3010 Waterproof

AVS 3010 Waterproof Remote.

New Style remote for the 3010 released in March 2010

Battery #CR1616 (x2)

Past AVS Remotes

Anniversary Remote

AVS Anniversary Remote.

Limited edition remote for the S5 from June 2009, can be replaced with Waterproof Remote

Battery #CR1616 (x2)

Torch Remote

AVS Torch Remote.

Past remote for S Series (S3,S4,S5)
Replaced by Waterproof Remote"

Battery #CR2025 (x2)
Replacement cases available

Surfboard Remote

AVS Surfboard Remote.

Remote for 3010,5000

Battery #CR1616 (x2)
Replacement cases available

More remotes

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