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Autowatch Car Alarms

Made in South Africa to meet international standards, the level of protection that Autowatch offers is much higher then most the other "known brands" in NZ.

Autowatch offer a No Theft Guarantee on Insurance rated alarms installed by us where they will pay your insurance excess up to $1500.00 and provide you with a hire car for up to 30 days should your car be stolen.

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446RLi Premium Alarm/Immobiliser

446RLi Alarm

AS/NZ 3749-1-2003 Class A Certified

Remote Alarm/Immobiliser
Digital Battery Back-up siren, Glass break sensor

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695 CAN-BUS Alarm


CAN-BUS Upgrade alarm

Remote optional

Digital Battery Back-up siren, Ultrasonics

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458RL Remote Upgrade Alarm

Autowatch 458RL

Remote Upgrade Alarm

Works with OEM Immobiliser

Digital Battery Back-up siren, Ultrasonics.

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555 CLAM Upgrade Alarm

Autowatch 555CLAM

Insurance Standard Upgrade Alarm

OEM Plip Upgrade Alarm

Digital Battery Back-up siren, Works from factory remote

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446RiS & 446RiSG Remote Alarm/Immobiliser

446RiSG Autowatch Immobiliser

AS/NZ 3749-1-2003 Class B Certified

Remote alarm/Immobiliser

Optional Glass break sensor

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573PPi Transponder Immobiliser

573PPi immobiliser

AS/NZ 4601:2000 certified

Remote Immobiliser

2 transponder tags
Attack proof housing

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674Ri Remote Immobiliser

674Ri Autowatch Immobiliser

Remote Immobiliser

Keyless entry immobiliser

2 remotes, Attack proof housing

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279RL Remote Alarm


None Insurance rated

Remote Alarm


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Wireless P.I.R Sensor

Autowatch Wireless P.I.R. Sensor

No Cables to run

Movement sensor

The Autowatch wireless P.I.R. (Passive Infra Red Sensor) is perfect for vehicles where running cables maybe unsightly or vulnerable to attack.

The Wireless P.I.R. has it's own battery and will work with the 446RLi Premium, 458RL and the 695CAN.

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Wireless Reed Switch

Autowatch Wireless Reed Switch

Cable Free Protection

No Vulnerable Cables

The Wireless Reed Switch is a great solution for caravans, trucks and Ute canopies.

Works with the 446RLi Premium, 458RL and the 695CAN.

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Key Guard

Autowatch keyguard

Stolen key Protection

Key Guard is a simple system which Autowatch have developed to prevent your car being stolen with the keys.

You need to enter your 4 digit PIN number before you start the car (just like your bank card) otherwise the engine will not start.

You can personalise your PIN code and change it as many times as you like.

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More Security Systems


Autowatch motorcycle alarm.

Motorcycle Alarm

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Autowatch Remotes

All Autowatch remotes require the alarm/immobilisers unique over ride pin number for programming access.

This protects your vehicle from theft by remote cloning.

Peanut Remote

Autowatch 225000 Peanut remote.

Current remote for 446RLi, 446RiS, 446RiSG, 674Ri, 160Rli & 161Rli.

Part # 225000
Battery # CR1220 (X2)
Case # 446-300
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2 Button Peanut Remote

Autowatch 2 Peanut remote.

Part # 225001
Battery # CR1220 (X2)

4 Button Remote

Autowatch 446RLi Premium Remote.

Current Remote for 446RLi Premium, 458RL and optional remote for 695CAN.

Battery # A23

2 Button Remote

Autowatch 279RL Remote.

Current Remote for the 279RL.

Battery # A23

Past Autowatch Remotes

Coffin Remote

Autowatch one button Coffin Remote.

Replaced by the Peanut Remote

Note: Coffin remotes with red LED are fixed code.

Contact me before ordering a replacement.

4 Button Remote (Old)

Autowatch 4 Button Remote (Old).

Replaced by 4 Button Remote

Battery # CR1220 (x2)

More remotes

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** Ultrasonics movement sensors required for full Thatcham CAT 2 to 1 rating.

* Upgrade alarm only suitable for vehicles with existing immobiliser.