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Anti-Theft Guarantee

Being a premium Autowatch dealer I am able to offer you a unique 3 year anti-theft guarantee.

Should your car be stolen with an Autowatch Insurance approved alarm/immobiliser (NZSA 3 Star / Thatcham CAT 2 or above) installed by us then Autowatch NZ shall cover your insurance excess up to $1500.00 and provide you with a 4 cylinder hire car for up to 30 days.


Autowatch require a warranty form to be filled in and filed with them upon completion of installation, terms of which are set out in the warranty.


All Autowatch products Sold by Obsessive Vehicle Security are warranted to Autowatch as follows:

  1. Autowatch will replace or otherwise make good any part of the Product the failure of which is due to defective materials or workmanship in its manufacture with no charge for the replacement part or the labour required provided that such failure is reported within 36 months from the date of purchase by the original purchaser of the vehicle to which the product is fitted ("the first purchase").
  2. If the purchaser's vehicle is stolen within 36 months of purchase due to failure of the Product then Autowatch warrants that it will reimburse the first $1,500.00 plus the cost of a rental car of a type first approved by Autowatch from the date the vehicle is stolen until it is recovered but not exceeding 30 days, Any bond and all petrol costs are the vehicle owner's responsibility, SUBJECT to the first owner having promptly filed a stolen vehicle report with the police and producing to Autowatch all system keys issued for the product, vehicle keys and the pin override card.
  3. This warranty shall ensure for the benefit only of the original purchaser.
  4. The Warranty does not apply to any part of the Product which has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, improper maintenance or improper protection in storage or has been installed in a manner which, in the sole judgement of Autowatch, affects its performance or reliability.
  5. All terms and warranties implied by law or Stature are expressly excluded from the warranty insofar as the same may be lawfully so excluded.

Autowatch New Zealand

Nitesh Kishor

image of Nitesh Kishor

Managing Director Autowatch NZ

As recognition of the high quality of Installation provided by Obsessive Vehicle Security along with the confidence I have in Autowatch Security Systems I am proud to be able to offer this Anti-Theft Guarantee for Autowatch Alarms installed by Obsessive Vehicle Security.

I support the service and advice given by our Wellington Installer. The person buying an Autowatch Alarm will know that they have a good system and that it is installed correctly.

Autowatch systems are distributed to over 30 countries.

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