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All Author Alarm security systems are designed to be concealed in the vehicle so that they can not be found. The tiny control modules can easily be lost in the wiring loom and hidden virtually anywhere where making them impossible to detect.

Each unit has a vehicle specific firmware which connects to the CAN-bus system to protect your car from theft.


IGLA CAN-BUS Immobiliser IGLA is easy to use. Disarming is achieved via a combination of pre-selected buttons on your car dash/steering wheel or your Bluetooth smartphone. A Bluetooth keyfob is also an optional way to disarm the system.

SMART SECURITY TO PROTECT YOUR CAR IGLA is a unique car security device developed to protect your car from theft.

IGLA works on digital buses CAN and LIN. IGLA works silently, it does not require additional wires that give away its location.

Due to its small size, the device can be installed almost anywhere in a car, from the hood to the trunk. IGLA can be installed wherever there is power and CAN-BUS. It is concealed into the vehicles wiring loom making it virtually impossible to find.

You don't need any additional wiring or modules that could be easily found.

IGLA Features:

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AUTOSTART is easy to use. Simply press the lock button on your remote control 3 times and your car will start. Running time can be set for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes.
If any attempt is made to take the vehicle without the key AUTOSTART will stop the vehicle from running.

Remote Engine Start via your factory remote fob

AUTOSTART ? is intended for remote start of your car. When using the AUTOSTART system, it becomes possible to warm up the engine and the car interior in cold weather in advance, and also to cool the interior on hot days.

When AUTOSTART receives a start command, the anti-theft system is turned off and the starter motor turns. With a normal and successful start of the engine, the car?s yellow warning lights flash or the LED indicator on the key flickers.

With AUTOSTART there is no need to leave the key in the car or connect additional devices ? the module works autonomously.


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COMFORT adds a touch of luxury to your car. Your windows will automatically close when your vehicle locks along with your sunroof. Window venting and mirror folding are also options depending on the model of car.


The COMFORT module can significantly increase the level of comfort from the operation of your vehicle.

COMFORT automatically closes the car windows, the sunroof and folds the mirrors. * Option for mirror folding and closing of the sunroof depends on the car model.

Window venting is an option on many vehicles. Pressing the unlock button 3 times will roll all the windows down by 10cm.

COMFORT has a service mode. You can quickly disable all functions by pressing a pair of buttons.

COMFORT Features:

All functions can be turned on/off to suit preference.

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KEYLESS BLOCK protects your vehicle by disabling the keyless entry system. The keyless system will only work once your Bluetooth fob or smart phone or smartphone are in range of the vehicle.


Often, the main method of hijacking cars with keyless access is to "extend" the staff key by relaying the signal.
In this case, the theft does not take more than a minute, and you will not even notice it. This risk is particularly vulnerable to premium cars.

In addition, KEYLESS BLOCK can control the Keyless system with a standard security system: when your car blocked with a keychain (or touch the sensor), the Keyless function is disabled, when you click on the "Open" button, the keyfob is activated.


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OBDII Protection. A common way to steal a car is to connect to the control unit using the standard OBD-II plug and start the engine.

OBD BLOCK secures your diagnostic port from unauthorised access.

OBD BLOCK digital key

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Easily Hidden

IGLA is easily lost in the wiring vehicle wiring loom due to its tiny foot print.

IGLA Security

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