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Why Obsessive Vehicle Security?

It's about doing one thing exceptionally well, that thing is obsessing over the details that make your vehicle secure. From selecting the right product for your needs to installing it to an obsessively high standard.

You are dealing with a true expert.

I don't fit stereos, parking sensors, hands-free kits or any of the other stuff the car stereo shops dabble in. I simply secure vehicles and believe that focusing on one thing makes me a master of my profession rather than a jack of all trades.

In fact, I'm the only genuine specialist that I'm aware of in New Zealand.

The Obsessive Electric Van

Obsessive e-NV200 electric van

Spot me behind the wheel: Read about the Security Install here...

Some History

Obsessive Vehicle Security came into existence in April 2008 when I gained my NZ residency. I was finding it difficult to bite my tongue working for people who I considered to be doing things the wrong way. I had a firm belief I could do a better job on my own.

As for the "Obsessive" name, well it was a little bit different. I?m also fussy about the hidden details that most people never see so it just seems to fit!

About Julian

Julian @ Obsessive

I started out installing car security systems in Cambridge in the UK back in 1997 as a trainee and gradually worked my way up ropes to become senior technician. From there I worked mobile throughout the UK installing RAC Trackstar GPS systems as well as Autowatch and Cobra security systems.

In 2005 I arrived in New Zealand on a Tourist Work Visa, which soon became a Work Visa, then Residency. During this time I have been blessed to have seen most of NZ whilst working in Hamilton, Auckland and Wellington.

Improving Standards

I'd like to think that I've has gained a reputation for challenging the way in which things are done in the vehicle security industry. Take the horrific joke that was the NZSA star rating system for example. I believe it would still be in existence if it was not for my persistent (and dare I say annoying) questions aimed at the NZSA.

I'm passionate about what I do and take pride in my workmanship.

There's no point in doing a half hearted job and it bothers me when I see others getting poor service and shoddy installations. Seriously, if you're going to cut corners then you may as well not bother!

Always Training

Things move fast in the world of vehicle security. I do my best to keep learning and work closely with Vodafone Automotive, Author Alarms and Toyota amongst others.

I'm involved in mapping CAN-BUS data and developing firmware for new vehicle security products. I also write installation instructions which some of the dealerships use to install systems to manufacturer standards.

Feel Secure

Your car is in safe hands. I have full liability insurance and am house trained.

If you have a specific requirement then ask, I'll do my best to advise what is possible and make it happen.

You'll be dealing with one person from initial contact through to the installation and even after sales support, so you get that personal touch that some of the big firms can't offer.

I love a challenge and my goal is always to make sure that you're happy with the end result.

Obsessive Go-Kart

Honda Beat Alarm

I own a Honda Beat which I've put many hours hard graft into as archived on the blog.

It's even got a smoke machine wired up to the alarm.


Coffee Stall with Alarm installed

I would have no hesitation in recommending Julian to anyone and my next alarm will be installed by him.

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